Strong & Silent

August 29, 2012

Two words that describe Kip…at least the Kip that I saw. Mom said he also has a sarcastic sense of humor, and although he did laugh at many of my silly jokes, he didn’t share any of his sarcasm with me.

His striking green eyes speak volumes all on their own. If you watch him closely, a small smirk will start at the corners of his mouth, and before long, that smirk has made it all the way up to his eyes. I told him it looked like he had a secret to share, but he wasn’t going to be sharing any secrets, no matter what you bribe him with!


August 21, 2012

These two ladies blew in, spun around and blew out! Between the two of them, there was never a dull moment!

Little sister, Kaelyn, was on the move the entire session. Unless she was being restrained by big sister, or stuck sitting backwards on my little bench, she was a blur, constantly running every which way.

Big sister, Ashlyn, worked really hard as my assistant, jumping, cheering, clapping and dancing…anything she could think of to get Kaelyn’s attention and smiles. It wore me out just listening to her! Even Ashlyn announced half way through the session that she was tired!

Some Like It Hot

August 16, 2012

It was 100 degrees outside, but I was running the space heater inside! The bonus to hot weather is that it’s easy to heat the studio to the perfect temperature for a newborn session…a toasty 86 degrees.

I started out with a warm studio, but I could tell that Weston was happiest when the space heater was blowing lightly on him, so we went for a hot studio. Even though there was sweat dripping from every part of my body, that space heater was blowing.

It made for a very content, happy Weston! Which made for a very fun session!

A Bribe

August 15, 2012

It took Olivia a little while to warm up to me, but I said the magic words,”Olivia, would you like a sucker?” That was all it took to have this sweet, white haired blonde working the camera.

She twirled and spun. She made funny faces and serious faces. She talked about going to school with her best buds. She talked about her new baby brother and her two puppy dogs. Basically, she talked and she talked and I snapped and I snapped! It was a very light hearted, fun loving session!

In the end, Olivia made off with not one sucker, but two…a pink and a blue…and she was one proud little lady!

Busy, Busy Ella

August 15, 2012

Ella is one busy lady. I am positive that, if I hadn’t asked her to stop moving so that I could have in focus photos, she would have swayed, danced, spun, jumped, rolled, sat, stood or squatted the entire session! Even when she did hold still, it was for just a few seconds. Just long enough for me to snap a couple of photos and then she was off to do something else.

Luckily, in between the constant moves, she flashed me all sorts of expressions, from happy, to serious, to silly and everything in between!

Mommy was just talking about how she’s noticed Ella starting to lose her baby/little kid chub. I know why…she must burn a ridiculous number of calories with her always on the go activity level!

Making It Work

August 14, 2012

My session with Cierra and Sydney was full of laughs, smiles, talk of boogers and stinky feet and lots of fun!

Sydney started the session off with her forced fake smile, which forced me to bring out the big guns! There’s nothing better than talking about boogers and stinky feet to get rid of fake, forced smiles! Before long, Sydney couldn’t do anything but laugh and smile…real laughs followed by real smiles!

For Cierra, it was the serious expressions that she couldn’t pull off. She’d try so hard, but it would look like she was trying. We figured out that, if she looked away and then quickly turned her head towards me, she could hold the serious expression long enough for me to capture a few images, before she’d bust out with the big smile again!

All in all, it was a fun and silly session…I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

No Complaints

August 13, 2012

During Logan’s senior session, the thermometer actually read 106 degrees. Of course, we spent half of our time inside, but we had Logan dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans. So, even though I had the AC cranking, I’m pretty sure Logan was being kept nice and warm by his sweatshirt.

Then we ventured outside, where I had Logan roaming all over our acreage, sitting, standing and crouching in different areas. I usually kept Logan in the shade, but without much of a breeze, I wouldn’t say the shade was exactly cool.

However, throughout the entire session, I never heard one complaint from Logan! He was an awesome sport: trying everything I asked of him, folding his 6 foot 3 inch body into sitting positions on the ground, sitting on a not so comfortable pile of rocks, crouching in the weeds – he was up for any and all requests!

Performing for the Camera

August 8, 2012

Despite the lack of both his morning naps and the impending arrival of molars, William found a way to pull through, smile and laugh during the majority of his session!

Of course, he also entertained us with some good crying images (working the real tears and the fake tears), an excellent pooping face (resulting in a very stinky studio), and even a few serious expressions! However, by far, his most common face was his smile. His open mouthed, showing off bottom teeth, sparkling eyes smile!

William was definitely at his best when he had the attention of Mommy, Daddy and myself. He basked in the glory of being the center of attention and worked it with every ounce of his being!

There’s Nothing Better Than Laughter

August 6, 2012

Between Katie and I, the laughing was contagious and continuous! We were both pretty good at making each other smile and laugh, which made for a very fun and entertaining session.

My favorite Katie story is when she was working her serious expressions. I would, all of a sudden, see the side of her mouth turn up like she was about to bust into a smile. But then, it was if she’d remembered that she was supposed to be serious, and her mouth would turn back down into her serious expression. Of course, every time I saw this happen, I busted out laughing, which just ended up making Katie laugh as well!

Giggle Box

August 3, 2012

From the moment Lila walked in the door, she was giggling! Luckily, as the session progressed, the giggling calmed down a little bit, so I was able to capture some sweet, serious images of her. But the beginning of the session was definitely full of laughs, smiles and giggles.

When she really started giggling, I though she sounded just like Woody Woodpecker. The sad part is, she probably has no idea who that is!

Any time the answer to one of my questions was no, Lila couldn’t stick with just the word no. She always had to answer with, “No Way, Jose!” This just made me laugh, which meant more giggles from Lila!