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Pretty Bird

I have never had the opportunity to photograph a pet bird before. Although, I have snuck up on some of our wild birds out around our land, this was the first time a bird has been in the studio!

Lori, a twelve year old Cockatiel, got to come along with her favorite veterinarian for a business photo shoot.

Even though Lori wasn’t the main subject of the session, I couldn’t resist giving her a little star time! And boy did she work it, turning to show off her beautiful feathers and great coloring.

Photographing Lori reminded me a bit of photographing kitties. She didn’t look when I said her name, nor did she respond to any sounds I made, and she certainly doesn’t follow sit and stay commands like the pups do. But, she did stay in place fairly well and she made eye contact with the camera. So she definitely has a leg up on those kitties…who would much rather be hiding behind my background ignoring the camera!

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  1. J.C. B on September 14th, 2012 6:48 am

    So beautiful! :)

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