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Two Year Olds

I always tell parents that two year old sessions are hit or miss. You never know until the moment the session starts if you’re going to have a shy two year old, an uncooperative two year old, a happy two year old or a two-going-on-sixteen year old! And really, there’s nothing that can prepare you or forewarn you, two year olds have minds of their own!

Mommy was happily surprised, when two year old Kathryn turned on the charm for the camera! Mommy was expecting a shy, uncooperative little girl based on past performances and Kathryn’s tendency to not appreciate having her photo taken.

It took Kathryn a little while to warm up, but after some snuggle time with Mommy, some peek-a-boo playing with me, a little patty cake and wheels on the bus, Kathryn was hamming it up for the camera. From smiles to surprise faces, she was working it!

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