Happy Pumpkin Day!

October 31, 2012

Our three little pumpkins want to wish you a Happy Halloween! May it be full of smiles, sugar and spooks!

Just a Bit Cold!

October 30, 2012

Ugh, Kansas weather, one day it can be 80 degrees and sunny, the next 60 degrees and cloudy! Unfortunately for us, Adele & Robert’s session was scheduled for the day the temperatures decided to drop 20 degrees…not to mention they dropped an additional 10 degrees just while we were doing the session!

Luckily Robert and Adele were born in Minnesota and spent many winters braving the Minnesota cold! So, although they were a bit cold and did some shivering, overall they braved the cold and the wind and turned on the charm!

By the end, there were quite a few red noses and I know I couldn’t feel my fingers! Thank you October for bringing us 50 degree temperatures! For all of you who complained about the hot summer…I’m blaming this on you!

Session Crasher!

October 26, 2012

Treat, one of our new kitties, has become extra friendly! She’s been known to greet arriving clients at the front stoop and is always ready to cozy up to anyone who pauses for a second.

A new experience was when she decided to join in at Cody’s portrait session. She jumped right up next to him, and then before I knew it, she was in his lap getting lots of loving! Of course, once she’s been shown some loving, she’s impossible to get rid of…she followed us around the entire time we were outside!

Cody was easily distracted by Miss Cuddlebug!

Hey, who invited you to be part of Cody’s session?!?

I see a kitty cat who really wants some attention!

Last Time

October 25, 2012

This will be the last time I photograph Ellen with little front teeth! Ellen has lost the two bottom middle teeth, and a top tooth is loose and almost ready to come out. It’s the only time we wish she’d tripped and knocked out her tooth the day before her session! (Of course, not really, although it would have been fun to have a big gaping hole in her smile!)

The next time I see Ellen, I imagine both top teeth will have been lost and replaced by brand new, big adult teeth! As always, it will be a new look…I can’t wait to see it!

In the meantime, I will enjoy her smile…full of teeny tiny teeth!

Three Very Busy Bodies

October 24, 2012

Take three kiddos with different personalities, add in the fact that all three will smile and cooperate when given different parameters and different topics to smile about and what do you get…a bit of chaos!!

Allie started off the session with stranger anxiety, but slowly warmed up with a game of peek-a-boo. However, to keep Allie’s attention, and to keep her happy, we needed to keep up the game of peek-a-boo, or break into a badly tuned version of patty cake!

Matthew started off the session stiff and unrealistic. It takes goofiness and “don’t you smile” to get awesome expressions and relaxed body positions out of him. Of course, then he becomes too relaxed and is plopped out on the floor and spinning his body from right to left.

Abby started off the session with a closed mouth, stiff smile and slouchy posture. For Abby it takes having a back and forth conversation and asking her questions to get the true Abby smiles.

So now, imagine all three of these happening at the same time, and yes, you can only begin to imagine the chaos…but somehow we always manage to make it work!

Don’t Blink

October 23, 2012

I have had the honor of photographing Izzy, Abby and Gabe every fall since they were each born. The years just seem to fly by and before I know it, it’s family photo time again!

Every time I blink, they change. They went from just Izzy, to Izzy and Abby, to the addition of a baby boy, to toddlers, to little kids, to now school aged kids that I can actually have back and forth conversations with!

It seems crazy to think that now seven (almost eight) year old Izzy was a nine month old the first time we did a fall session. Now she’s lost nine teeth, has a stylish short bob haircut, and talks about doing crossword puzzles! Abby has outgrown her older sister, added cute glasses, has lost seven teeth and never stops talking! Gabe has grown into a handsome young man. He loves to laugh and joke around, and some how survives having two older sisters!

Their red and grey outfits reminded me of a session we did a few years ago where they all wore red and black. I thought it would be lots of fun to compare them now to back then, so I had to do the same walking away, look at me pose!

Country Guy

October 22, 2012

Matt is a born and raised country guy! He walked into his session carrying two sets of boots. He drives a large, loud truck. He rides horses, ropes cattle and works at a cattle farm. His favorite movie is Pure Country and he only listens to country music. He’s planning on heading to K-State and majoring in something agriculture related!

Are you seeing the overall theme?!?

Despite the fact that I live on eleven acres, and 20 minutes from the nearest Starbucks, I know absolutely nothing about being a country girl. Talking with Matt, hearing all about his life and the things he does, was quite interesting.

I know senior portraits are not on the top of his list of things to do on a Saturday, but hopefully he had as much fun educating me as I had learning from him!

Definitely Related

October 19, 2012

From the minute baby Sofia walked in the door, I was reminded of a baby from two and a half years ago, who looked just like her…big sister Ava! Their looks aren’t identical, but they are definitely related.

From the shape of their heads, to the “thinning” hair look, to the awesome baby chub, as babies they definitely resemble each other. It will be fun to watch Sophia grow and change to see how much she continues to look like Ava, and how much changes as she becomes her very own little person.

Ava, of course, has changed a lot since that session two and a half years ago, and now she looks like a little lady, with long beautiful hair and a smile and crinkle nose that lights up any room!

Going With the Flow

October 18, 2012

Before I start every session, I have a basic plan in my head for how I want the session to flow. From who I want to photograph first, to what position I’ll start them in and so on. However, being a children’s photographer, I learned a long time ago that what’s in my head and my best laid plans are very often no match for the will of a child!

That proved to be true for Ashton and Jayden’s session. Two year old Jayden had no intentions of making things easy for us. My goal of starting with brother photos was quickly thrown out the window when Jayden couldn’t be detached from his grip on Dad. So, we started with Ashton!

Ashton gets huge kudos from me! It’s so hard to be the big brother who listens and holds still, especially when little brother is not cooperating and getting extra attention and bribing, because he’s not cooperating. Ashton really held strong the entire session and worked hard for us…he was a total rock star!

We were eventually able to add Jayden in with Ashton, and then even move onto a few of Jayden by himself, before we had a Jayden melt down. Which meant we went back to Ashton, and so the session went back and forth, on the floor, standing, sitting, mixing it up…whatever works…that’s what we do!

Step Up is Quickly Approaching

October 17, 2012

There are less than two weeks before the annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk on October 27th! We are over half way to our fundraising goal, but could still use your help!

All the donations we receive will stay in the Kansas City area, and benefit the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City! This is an awesome local organization whose mission is to provide support and resources for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. DSG also seeks to provide the entire community with information and education to broaden awareness and foster positive attitudes regarding people with Down syndrome.

Use this link to donate to the Photography by Brandi team! Every penny counts!

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