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Definitely Related

From the minute baby Sofia walked in the door, I was reminded of a baby from two and a half years ago, who looked just like her…big sister Ava! Their looks aren’t identical, but they are definitely related.

From the shape of their heads, to the “thinning” hair look, to the awesome baby chub, as babies they definitely resemble each other. It will be fun to watch Sophia grow and change to see how much she continues to look like Ava, and how much changes as she becomes her very own little person.

Ava, of course, has changed a lot since that session two and a half years ago, and now she looks like a little lady, with long beautiful hair and a smile and crinkle nose that lights up any room!

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One Response to “Definitely Related”

  1. Jessica on October 25th, 2012 8:24 pm

    We are always saying the pictures of Ava as a baby look so much like Sofia now. LOVE my girls!

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