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Going With the Flow

Before I start every session, I have a basic plan in my head for how I want the session to flow. From who I want to photograph first, to what position I’ll start them in and so on. However, being a children’s photographer, I learned a long time ago that what’s in my head and my best laid plans are very often no match for the will of a child!

That proved to be true for Ashton and Jayden’s session. Two year old Jayden had no intentions of making things easy for us. My goal of starting with brother photos was quickly thrown out the window when Jayden couldn’t be detached from his grip on Dad. So, we started with Ashton!

Ashton gets huge kudos from me! It’s so hard to be the big brother who listens and holds still, especially when little brother is not cooperating and getting extra attention and bribing, because he’s not cooperating. Ashton really held strong the entire session and worked hard for us…he was a total rock star!

We were eventually able to add Jayden in with Ashton, and then even move onto a few of Jayden by himself, before we had a Jayden melt down. Which meant we went back to Ashton, and so the session went back and forth, on the floor, standing, sitting, mixing it up…whatever works…that’s what we do!

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