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Our October Additions

We have added to our four legged, furry family here at the Ranch! Meet Trick and Treat, our newest black barn cat additions. We adopted them from the Kansas City Pet Project, over the weekend, and they have settled in nicely.

Shadow, our resident barn cat, is not too sure how she feels about their addition, but we’re hopeful that everyone will eventually warm up and become a loving family. We’re also making sure we show her lots of love!

Treat has a beautiful black/brown coat, and is definitely the larger of the two. She is very friendly and does not hesitate to come right up to us for some love and attention.

Trick appears to have had a rougher life. She has some scars on her face and her ears are pretty sparse in the hair department. She’s also a lot more timid, but if you hang out long enough, she’ll come greet you and even let you pet her.

They seem to be adapting to the barn quite well and are definitely making themselves at home, finding cubbies to hide in and exploring the second floor.

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One Response to “Our October Additions”

  1. Teresa on October 15th, 2012 9:19 pm

    These photos are fabulous! Thank you for adopting these sweet cats from the KC Pet Project.

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