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Three Very Busy Bodies

Take three kiddos with different personalities, add in the fact that all three will smile and cooperate when given different parameters and different topics to smile about and what do you get…a bit of chaos!!

Allie started off the session with stranger anxiety, but slowly warmed up with a game of peek-a-boo. However, to keep Allie’s attention, and to keep her happy, we needed to keep up the game of peek-a-boo, or break into a badly tuned version of patty cake!

Matthew started off the session stiff and unrealistic. It takes goofiness and “don’t you smile” to get awesome expressions and relaxed body positions out of him. Of course, then he becomes too relaxed and is plopped out on the floor and spinning his body from right to left.

Abby started off the session with a closed mouth, stiff smile and slouchy posture. For Abby it takes having a back and forth conversation and asking her questions to get the true Abby smiles.

So now, imagine all three of these happening at the same time, and yes, you can only begin to imagine the chaos…but somehow we always manage to make it work!

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