November 26, 2012

That definitely sums up my feelings by the end of Will’s session. Will was having a bit of an off day the morning of his session. We weren’t sure if it was the fact that he was teething, or we had messed up his nap or if he really just wanted to be on his own doing his own thing. One thing was for sure, we were not interesting to him!

He spent a good part of the session looking around the room, checking everything out, rubbing his hand across the floor feeling the different textures and trying to stick his hand or his outfit in his mouth. Basically anything and everything except interacting with me, his Mommy or his Daddy.

But that never stops us from trying! With lots of work, trial and error, a milk snack, some playtime and just some luck, we were able to figure out what made Will feel the most comfortable and then we ran with it…getting smiles and the now expected, patented, funny faced, Will!

Back Together

November 19, 2012

This past year has been a tough one for Lily & Ava’s family. Their Daddy had to look elsewhere for work when the local jobs dried up, and elsewhere turned out to be over seas. Since January, Daddy has been in Afghanistan working to make a better life for his ladies back here at home. He’s been able to come home twice for two week periods…and one of those times I was blessed by his presence!

There were smiles all around from all four of them! Even the pups were happy to listen and “obey” Daddy. Little Miss Rizzo, couldn’t take her eyes off of him! I actually think this was the easiest session to get Daddy to smile at. He’ll usually flash me a few smiles, but I can see he’s always thinking, when is this going to be over? Not this time, he was all smiles and even flashed a few at that beautiful lady of his!

Hard Work

November 16, 2012

The morning of his session, Hudson would have rather been sleeping than modeling! Which meant Mommy, Daddy, his Aunt and I had to work really hard to be entertaining and interesting! Mommy and Daddy bounced and jumped, threw him in the air, danced and spun…all in all they both got in a good morning workout!

Of course, Daddy’s tie, that we looped around his neck, was much more interesting then any of us. Frequently, Hudson would pull on it so hard, and at just the right angles, that he looked like he was trying to choke himself with it!

Through it all, Hudson blessed us with an array of expressions, from smiles to lip biting, to tongues, to showing off his two teeth! He definitely kept us moving and laughing!

Keeping Up

November 14, 2012

Mila has three older siblings that she has to keep up with, so when Mommy put her down, and the first thing she did was zoom past me, I was not at all surprised. Or, when Mommy put her on my bench and she turned around and proceeded to stand on it, I was again not surprised.

My favorite part was when we put the birthday cake in front of her. The first thing she did was grab it and demolish it without eating a bite. I thought to myself, “Hmmm…Mila’s got two older brothers who probably like to be destructive…I wonder where she learned that from?!?”

Despite the craziness, Mila also blessed us with smiles, smirks and fun expressions. Again, I’m sure she has mastered these adorable expressions to make sure the attention is on her and not on her awesome older siblings!

Funny Faces

November 8, 2012

One of my favorite ways to end a session is to have the kids make faces, from sad to happy to laughing to silly. It’s always fun to see what they come up with.

Landon had entertained me during his entire session with an array of faces, from squinty eyes to open mouth grins to crazy tongues. I wasn’t sure how many more unique expressions he would be able to come up with. But, when he flashed me his sad face and then his mean face and then his happy face, I just started laughing and could not stop! It was the perfect end to a fun and silly session!

Getting Older

November 7, 2012

We are no more than half way through my eleventh year of business, and as the business gets older, so do my returning kiddos. There are definitely some positives and some negatives to my kiddos getting older.

The negatives: Older kiddos means older Brandi! Older means forced, stiff smiles start to emerge. It also means I can’t just play peek-a-boo to entertain them. I don’t get to see the silly kids just being kids faces as much. They’re growing up (too fast)!

The positives: They follow directions (sometimes!). We can actually have conversations…talk about things they like, things they don’t like, their hopes and their dreams. No tears or tantrums (usually!). They’re growing and changing and become little people!

Carter is one of those kiddos! The first time I photographed him he was two years old…now he’s almost seven! This was the first session where he and I actually conversations and talked about things, as opposed to just saying words like poopie and boogers! Although I had to work harder to get real smiles out of him, it was fun and entertaining…he’s turning into a little person right before my very eyes!

A Smile A Day

November 6, 2012

Cody is officially my final senior for the year…not the last 2013 senior…just the last one that I will be photographing in 2012. At the beginning of the day, it looked like were going to be rained out, but after a couple of hours of falling rain, the skies cleared and were replaced by blue skies and high winds.

Although, the wind was quite gusty at times, we lucked out with pretty good weather. Nice temperatures and sunny skies…the perfect way to end the 2012 outdoor season.

Top it off with tons of laughs and smiles from Cody, and it was a fun, successful session.

Cody is a smiler! He started his session off with some serious, closed mouth expressions, but once I got him talking, he was all smiles. The longer the session went, the more freely the smiles came. Most of the time, they were caused by my bad jokes or my giving him a hard time…but he was a great sport and went with the flow every time!

Siblings Forever

November 5, 2012

The first time I met Xander and Faith, Xander was 7 Months old and Faith was 7 Years old. It is so much fun to have them come back to me every year for annual sessions. The changes over the years have just been amazing!

There’s the obvious changes of size, growth of hair and overall maturing of features, but there’s the other changes as well…from developing personalities, to maturity and ability to follow directions.

But the biggest one of all has to be watching the growth of their relationship. While neither of them will be the first to admit that they love their sibling, the love is definitely there. Xander has the uncanny ability to make Faith laugh…whether she wants to or not. Faith is almost a second mother to Xander, and not just in the nagging, controlling way, but with a sweet and caring eye.

At the end of the day, I know that they will always have each other’s back…and each other’s love!

Chills, Thrills & Grills

November 1, 2012

This was definitely the coldest Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk we have participated in! It was quite entertaining, walking through all the team tents and seeing the variety of portable heaters on display! I should have checked out each heater, to determine which one worked the best. If the weather is forecasted to be this cold next year, we will definitely be supplying a heater! I was bundled up, but by the end I had lost feeling in my toes, fingers and nose!

We had a small team of walkers this year, but our donators were very generous and we raised $1,290! Thank you to everyone who donated!!

A huge thank you to all our walkers! I know standing on concrete, in 40 degree weather early in the morning, is not exactly what everyone signed up for, but you were all great sports, and I think we had a pretty fun time, despite the chills!

We set up our tent and did some mingling, visiting clients and chatting with other teams. We sampled the Kettle Corn, ate some Krispy Kreme donuts and drank chocolate milk, had fried Twinkies, grilled some delicious Turkey Burgers, ate some healthy veggies and home grown pears, and topped it off with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. We unbundled for a team photo (yes, everyone was thrilled with me for that great idea!) and then walked off all those calories in a very fast paced, one mile walk around Arrowhead Stadium! (Everyone walks a lot faster when they’re cold and have no feeling in their feet!)

(Yes, I did a bad photographer thing…we were staring into the sun! There were just SO many people in attendance…(AWESOME)…that we didn’t have any options if we wanted our sign in the photo. We’ve had the sign every year, so staring into the sun it was!)