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A Smile A Day

Cody is officially my final senior for the year…not the last 2013 senior…just the last one that I will be photographing in 2012. At the beginning of the day, it looked like were going to be rained out, but after a couple of hours of falling rain, the skies cleared and were replaced by blue skies and high winds.

Although, the wind was quite gusty at times, we lucked out with pretty good weather. Nice temperatures and sunny skies…the perfect way to end the 2012 outdoor season.

Top it off with tons of laughs and smiles from Cody, and it was a fun, successful session.

Cody is a smiler! He started his session off with some serious, closed mouth expressions, but once I got him talking, he was all smiles. The longer the session went, the more freely the smiles came. Most of the time, they were caused by my bad jokes or my giving him a hard time…but he was a great sport and went with the flow every time!

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