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Back Together

This past year has been a tough one for Lily & Ava’s family. Their Daddy had to look elsewhere for work when the local jobs dried up, and elsewhere turned out to be over seas. Since January, Daddy has been in Afghanistan working to make a better life for his ladies back here at home. He’s been able to come home twice for two week periods…and one of those times I was blessed by his presence!

There were smiles all around from all four of them! Even the pups were happy to listen and “obey” Daddy. Little Miss Rizzo, couldn’t take her eyes off of him! I actually think this was the easiest session to get Daddy to smile at. He’ll usually flash me a few smiles, but I can see he’s always thinking, when is this going to be over? Not this time, he was all smiles and even flashed a few at that beautiful lady of his!

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