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Chills, Thrills & Grills

This was definitely the coldest Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk we have participated in! It was quite entertaining, walking through all the team tents and seeing the variety of portable heaters on display! I should have checked out each heater, to determine which one worked the best. If the weather is forecasted to be this cold next year, we will definitely be supplying a heater! I was bundled up, but by the end I had lost feeling in my toes, fingers and nose!

We had a small team of walkers this year, but our donators were very generous and we raised $1,290! Thank you to everyone who donated!!

A huge thank you to all our walkers! I know standing on concrete, in 40 degree weather early in the morning, is not exactly what everyone signed up for, but you were all great sports, and I think we had a pretty fun time, despite the chills!

We set up our tent and did some mingling, visiting clients and chatting with other teams. We sampled the Kettle Corn, ate some Krispy Kreme donuts and drank chocolate milk, had fried Twinkies, grilled some delicious Turkey Burgers, ate some healthy veggies and home grown pears, and topped it off with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. We unbundled for a team photo (yes, everyone was thrilled with me for that great idea!) and then walked off all those calories in a very fast paced, one mile walk around Arrowhead Stadium! (Everyone walks a lot faster when they’re cold and have no feeling in their feet!)

(Yes, I did a bad photographer thing…we were staring into the sun! There were just SO many people in attendance…(AWESOME)…that we didn’t have any options if we wanted our sign in the photo. We’ve had the sign every year, so staring into the sun it was!)

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