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Getting Older

We are no more than half way through my eleventh year of business, and as the business gets older, so do my returning kiddos. There are definitely some positives and some negatives to my kiddos getting older.

The negatives: Older kiddos means older Brandi! Older means forced, stiff smiles start to emerge. It also means I can’t just play peek-a-boo to entertain them. I don’t get to see the silly kids just being kids faces as much. They’re growing up (too fast)!

The positives: They follow directions (sometimes!). We can actually have conversations…talk about things they like, things they don’t like, their hopes and their dreams. No tears or tantrums (usually!). They’re growing and changing and become little people!

Carter is one of those kiddos! The first time I photographed him he was two years old…now he’s almost seven! This was the first session where he and I actually conversations and talked about things, as opposed to just saying words like poopie and boogers! Although I had to work harder to get real smiles out of him, it was fun and entertaining…he’s turning into a little person right before my very eyes!

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