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That definitely sums up my feelings by the end of Will’s session. Will was having a bit of an off day the morning of his session. We weren’t sure if it was the fact that he was teething, or we had messed up his nap or if he really just wanted to be on his own doing his own thing. One thing was for sure, we were not interesting to him!

He spent a good part of the session looking around the room, checking everything out, rubbing his hand across the floor feeling the different textures and trying to stick his hand or his outfit in his mouth. Basically anything and everything except interacting with me, his Mommy or his Daddy.

But that never stops us from trying! With lots of work, trial and error, a milk snack, some playtime and just some luck, we were able to figure out what made Will feel the most comfortable and then we ran with it…getting smiles and the now expected, patented, funny faced, Will!

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