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Conversations & Stories

I love it when the kids I have been photographing for many years start to reach ages where we can have conversations and they can tell me stories. It’s fun to see their creative minds working, and to see the uniqueness that is within us all.

Ardyn and Eli were full of stories the day of their sessions. Ardyn’s stories were about princesses and the color pink. Eli’s stories were about music, farms and trains.

Even the way they answer my questions gives me insight into their minds and their way of thinking. I ask the question, “Which is better, a lion or a bear”. Ardyn’s answer, “A tiger!” Well of course, why didn’t I think of that?!? I ask Eli what his favorite food is, “Peanut butter and jelly.” Of course! What did he have for breakfast…peanut butter waffles. I think I have found a peanut butter lover!

It’s fun to just go with the flow, feed off of the stories they tell and ask probing questions, and really just let them be them!

Does anyone else see a mini Starla and a mini Kendall?!?

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