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Fish, Kitty & Deer, Oh My!

From the second Joey bounded out of his car and exclaimed, “Momma, fish!” I don’t think he stopped talking! I’m not even sure he stopped to take breaths. Sometimes he was telling stories and sometimes he was answering questions, but usually he was in his own little Joey world of imagination.

Joey’s an animal lover, so it was perfection when the session started by seeing the fish. Then Treat, the kitty, introduced herself to Joey, and, while we were getting primped and ready to start, four or five deer ran by the studio windows. Of course, we also spend a good part of the session talking about my Joey, since they share the same name. This also meant we had to talk about Joey’s black puppy dog, Coopey, and how he chases the squirrels and tries to eat Joey’s food.

All in all it was an animal filled session!

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