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You would think that, being a second child, Chase would have the ability to sleep through noise, movement and all activity. Maybe he does at home, when he’s dressed in clothes and bundled in a seat or being held by someone, but not when he’s at his newborn session – naked and exposed!

Chase was super sensitive during his entire session. If we moved him or touched him his eyes would fly open. I’d get him to the brink of sleepy land and something would startle him awake. It was definitely a waiting game!

Of course, towards the end of the session, I finally got him to fall into a deep sleep. I was able to move him, turn him, position him however I pleased. It was exactly what I had been waiting for, except he didn’t lose his touchiness. Every time I would touch him, he would throw his arms and legs out in a jerky spasm and then, like it hadn’t even happened, he would settle back in to sleep. It was quite entertaining!

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