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Little Buddy

That’s one of my most common nicknames for Bruiser. I call him Buddy or my Little Buddy. I even think that sometimes he responds to the name Buddy more than he responds to the name Bruiser. The funny thing is that both names describe him perfectly!

I would have never guessed that the little two pound, skinny, thin haired puppy we brought home would turn in to a nine pound ball of fur, but that’s exactly what happened. He uses that nine pound body like a wrecking ball, pouncing on his older siblings, encouraging them to play with him. He is relentless…constantly egging them on, trying to irritate them, with nonstop pestering until they chase him or wrestle with him. He’s definitely a Bruiser!

On the other hand, if you call him, he’s quick to come, and most of the time he doesn’t need to be called because he’s already hanging out nearby. If you want a hug or kiss he’s happy to oblige…and he is always quick to give a good tail wag, just to brighten up your day!

He’s quite the comedian, always with a look of mischief or a question on his face. He definitely has the “Who me?” look down!

My Little Buddy turns two years old today, and I can barely remember what life was like before he entered our family, but I know it definitely wasn’t as entertaining!

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