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My Grandparents

Last April, I was visiting my grandparents, and despite the fact that it was the last thing they wanted to do that day, I made them search their closet for coordinating outfits and then drug them outside for a few photographs.

Yes, it took me over eight months to find the time to work on their images, but that’s okay, because I had the images on the computer, backed up, saved and waiting for me!

Now looking at them, it takes me right back to that day. My grandpa being difficult (or should we say silly!), and my grandma (who’s voice I can hear perfectly in my head) telling him to “Stop that!”

Over sixty years of marriage, and they still make each other laugh, still give each other a hard time, still look out for one another, and still love each other!

It doesn’t need to come anytime soon or even quickly, but I look forward to experiencing sixty years of marriage and still smiling and laughing at each other, just like my adorable grandparents!

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