The Investment of Custom Photography

February 28, 2013

Over the years, there have been many articles and blog posts written about the value of professional photography. Some of them go into the nitty gritty of trying to explain how a professional photographer adds up their time and expenses to determine their pricing. Some try to tug at the heart strings discussing what happens when your personal hard drive quits working and all those digital photos you have taken are gone. Most of the time, the articles and blog posts come across as negative to me.

I came across this article the other day, and it struck a different cord with me. Most of the statements made in this article ring true, and I feel like they are my thoughts just written down by someone else.

The Investment of Custom Photography

There are many professional photographers available, including ones who have worked hard to perfect their craft. Each has a different style and a different approach. If professional photography is something you are interested in investing in (which I, of course, highly recommend!), take the time to do your research. Decide what style you like, spend time looking at different photographer’s work, understand their pricing and what your commitment will be. Then, make the decision to have beautiful custom photography created for you and your family…something you will treasure for years to come!

“Never have we heard from a client, ‘I wish I didn’t professionally photograph my family.’ ”

Lots of Laughs

February 27, 2013

Cristian’s session was full of laughs and smiles! If I did my cackle laugh just right, Cristian was quick to mimic it…almost perfectly! So needless to say, there were lots of silly laughs coming from the studio.

We tried to get Cristian to sing and dance, but he must have been feeling shy that day, because we couldn’t get him to show off his moves. However, with very little prompting, he showed off his Spider Man web moves, his big Hulk muscles, played a small round of peek-a-boo with us and, best of all, threw kisses out for all the ladies!

One of my favorite parts was when he propped his elbows up on the bench, settled his head into his hands and struck a pose! He was just too adorable! Cristian definitely knows how to work the ladies!

Even big brother, Alexis, got to jump in for some giggles and smiles!

Snow Day!

February 22, 2013

Our four legged little kiddos are not huge fans of the snow. Their preference is to run outside, do their business and then get their furry behinds back inside!

However, considering large snow falls have been so few and far between, this photographer Mommy could not let the snowpocalypse of 2013 go without some photos!

We bundled them up in their winter jackets and out we went. Pete had shoveled the drive and the sun had melted it to just a nice wet cement, so it took some encouragement to get them off the driveway.

We had a few king of the mountain moments…yes we placed them there, and no they did not want to stay!

In an attempt to get a car up the driveway, Pete had made some good tire ruts along the gravel drive. We started walking with three little fur balls following us. Then they kicked off the racing! It was the funniest thing Pete and I have seen in quite a while! I’ve never seen them run SO fast, and they just kept going back and forth and back and forth. Sometimes jumping across the “median” to race in the other tire lane. Sometimes racing down the median…although that made for some pretty slow going.

Some of my images are blurry, but I had to include them because it just emphasizes how fast they were actually running. And on that note, I hope you enjoy my entertainment for the day!

Joey – “King of the Mountain”

“Are you guys watching?”

“What’s Joey thinking?”

“How do I join in?”

Check out Little B’s air!

High Speed Turn

Super Puppies!

Here Comes Joey!

Full Speed Collision!

It’s a Train

Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Median Running is Slow Going

And Hard Work

Not So Warm

February 15, 2013

Emily and Brady reside in Florida, so the fact that they came to visit me on a day when the temperature had started out at a whopping 3 degrees and maybe made it into the mid 20s was definitely a shock to the system.

Emily, with her sun touched skin, and Brady with his sun touched hair, definitely look like they belong on the beach! Even though I had the heater cranking away, all Emily wanted to do was tuck her toes back into her boots. Then we had Brady, who just can’t handle the bulkiness of a coat and would much rather be running around barefoot and shirtless! Luckily, they both survived the session and didn’t freeze to death!

We joked, we laughed, we said silly stuff and we even acted a bit silly!


Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2013

Pebbles, Joey and Bruiser are sending lots of puppy kisses your way today! Make sure you pucker up for cold noses and wet tongues! Hope your day is full of lots of hugs, kisses and love!

Toddlers Need Pause Buttons

February 13, 2013

As with all 18 Month olds, JJ was a constant blur of motion. Stubborn and determined to do what he wanted to do, you had to do it his way and there was no room for negotiating!

The photo that would really show the true JJ would be one that was a full blur as he ran right on by. Unfortunately that photo wouldn’t show off his adorable eyes and cute open mouth smile! This just meant we had to work extra hard to find the pause button, to capture those adorable sweet moments when JJ would stop to take a breath!

My Golden Boy

February 12, 2013

Yep, my Little Mister, Joey, turns twelve years old today on the twelfth of February…his golden birthday!

Although, after working on his images I think we should call it his grey birthday! You’d never guess that this little man started out with black and white spots of fur. The white quickly disappeared after a few haircuts, and was replaced by different shades of black and grey, but over the years the black has faded and now he’s just my disguised grey haired little man!

Joey is my side kick, my right hand man! He’s always close by, keeping me in line, snuggling in bed with me, making sure I remember that he sits really well and therefore deserves a treat (or two).

He doesn’t like to be left at home, and it breaks my heart every time I have to leave him. But he never holds it against me. He’s always ready to greet me with an open mouth smile, followed by a quick trip to the toy box to return carrying a favorite toy. It’s his greeting…a toy and a tail wag!

Joey’s a frequent napper, and his favorite place to nap is in my office, right at my feet. He has multiple beds to choose from, but his favorite is a small green one. He frequently hangs out of it, because he insists on stretching out, when the bed was really made for him to curl up in a ball. If he’s not in his bed, he is usually right at my feet, risking the chance that I’ll run over his tail with my chair wheels!

Thanks to Joey’s amazing ability to charm the camera and me…another birthday session is in the books!

We’ll definitely be celebrating Joey’s Golden Birthday in style tonight! I’m seeing lots of cuddling, and some extra treats in his future for sure!

A Performer

February 11, 2013

Sophia is a natural performer! She’s been singing and performing on stage for many years. This year, I had the opportunity to photograph her for a new Talent Resume. Our goal was to show all sides of Miss Sweet, Silly, Sassy Sophia…and we had a blast doing just that!

Of course, Sophia had the difficult part. She had to change clothes five times, sit still as her Mom switched up her hairstyles and then she had to turn on the charm for me!

Watching her change into some of her more fun, funky outfits, made me wish I could pull of dressing like a kid…striped tights and high top Converse…fun hats and fluffy bows! So fun!

Something’s Missing

February 8, 2013

It’s the perfect excuse for a session…the loss of two front teeth just weeks apart!

The missing teeth stage is one of my favorites! Every kiddo looks different. It’s a little flashback to what they looked like as a baby when they were all gums. Not to mention, I know what comes next…the gigantic adult teeth that seem so odd in those tiny mouths!

Abby and I had lots of fun during her session…working the big smiles so we could perfectly capture the gigantic hole that was part of her smile!

I know the next time I see her, I’m going to be greeted with a big adult teeth grin…I can’t wait!

Outside We Went

February 6, 2013

Thirteen year old Tilly couldn’t come to me, so I had to go to her. It was a pretty chilly day, with some snow on the ground, so my plan was to photograph her in the house. The problem was that the only area of the house that had enough light was the dining room and Tilly wasn’t comfortable coming into that room.

But, she was comfortable being outside…so outside was where we went! Outside turned out to be the perfect solution. Tilly’s black fur next to the white snow with just a hint of sunlight bouncing off the snow was just beautiful!

It was obvious that, in her younger years, Tilly must have loved being outside…playing fetch, running, digging, just enjoying the feel of the outdoors! We found a toy of Tilly’s, which made her very excited! For a short while, I saw Tilly’s puppy face. The pure joy of excitement, and the anticipation of having that toy thrown so she could chase it. Unfortunately, her hips and joints are showing their age and running on slick snow covered grass was not a good idea. Just seeing the excitement pass across her face was definitely an insight into what her puppy years had been like.

Capturing her distinguished face, with her grey wisps of hair, her puppy smile and her inquisitive face was worth every chilly moment of that snow covered day!

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