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Buddies for Life

At just twelve weeks old, brothers Chase and Rascal still have some growing to do! Currently, Rascal is about half the size of Chase. It will be interesting to see what they look like when they’re fully grown.

Now don’t let their size throw you off…Rascal may be little but he is mighty! He wasn’t named Rascal for no reason! He’s quick, vocal and quite the busy body. He wanted to be anywhere but where we wanted him. Squeak a toy, he’ll come running. Sit, maybe for a split second, but then he’s got things to check out and explore.

Chase, on the other hand, being the bigger pup, you would think makes the rules. Nah, he’s laid back, easy going and, best of all, extremely treat motivated. He has the sit-for-a-treat thing down like a pro! More than once, Rascal would jump right on top of Chase to get the treat, but it would not even phase Chase…he just kept on sitting! Making noises, or funny sounds and he would twist his head back and forth.

Individual photos of Rascal proved to be the most challenging part of the entire session! Any time we had the treats out Chase would be right there. When we actually had Rascal hold still for a second, here came Chase putting his body right in the way! If we held Chase out of the photos, so that we could focus on Rascal, Rascal went crazy. He wanted to be where his brother was, and nothing was going to stop him from getting to Chase!

These two are definitely buddies! I expect they are going to master the art of getting each other in trouble!!

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