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Outside We Went

Thirteen year old Tilly couldn’t come to me, so I had to go to her. It was a pretty chilly day, with some snow on the ground, so my plan was to photograph her in the house. The problem was that the only area of the house that had enough light was the dining room and Tilly wasn’t comfortable coming into that room.

But, she was comfortable being outside…so outside was where we went! Outside turned out to be the perfect solution. Tilly’s black fur next to the white snow with just a hint of sunlight bouncing off the snow was just beautiful!

It was obvious that, in her younger years, Tilly must have loved being outside…playing fetch, running, digging, just enjoying the feel of the outdoors! We found a toy of Tilly’s, which made her very excited! For a short while, I saw Tilly’s puppy face. The pure joy of excitement, and the anticipation of having that toy thrown so she could chase it. Unfortunately, her hips and joints are showing their age and running on slick snow covered grass was not a good idea. Just seeing the excitement pass across her face was definitely an insight into what her puppy years had been like.

Capturing her distinguished face, with her grey wisps of hair, her puppy smile and her inquisitive face was worth every chilly moment of that snow covered day!

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