Still Tiny

March 28, 2013

Little Miss Audrey made her appearance much earlier than expected! Because of her size, it took a little bit longer than usual for Audrey to come out to the studio, therefore she was a little bit older than the typical newborn I photograph. I was worried that might mean a challenging session, and while we started off a little rough, with wide, inquisitive eyes and squirmy arms and legs, she finally settled in for some deep sleep. The secret was my space heater! She and I sat down just a few feet in front of the heater. It was like being in a sauna, and before I knew it, we were both warm and cozy and she had drifted off to sleep.

Of course, she’s very opinionated, and every time I went to move her, she had to fuss at me…usually just for short periods of time, but it was still quite the production. She was also very opinionated about the location of her hands and feet, so sometimes she got to choose their location. I know when to pick my battles!

Despite all of that, when you look at her, you would never know that she was more than a few days old. She’s still so tiny! Skinny arms, skinny legs and tiny petite features, all fit perfectly in the palms of Daddy’s hands!

Time Flies

March 27, 2013

I know Alec is going to love me for this post, but I just have to share. The very first time I photographed Alec was over eleven years ago…my first year of business! Now, he’s all grown up…eighteen years old, graduating from high school and ready to head to KU!

As happens frequently, time gets away from us and so it’s been a few years since I last saw Alec. He’s still the handsome, friendly, generous and kind guy I remember…full of awesome smiles and great serious expressions!

I had a great time catching up, hearing about high school and his college plans! It sounds like he has some fun, exciting times ahead. I wish only the best for you, Alec! May you reach for and achieve your dreams!

Take a Breath

March 22, 2013

Lexi and Luke’s session was quite entertaining! It doesn’t matter who the kid is, what their hobbies are, who their favorite sports team is or whether they are a boy or a girl. If you start talking about stinky feet, boogers and farts you will always get the same response…laughter, giggles and some pretty creative come backs.

I made the “mistake” of saying Daddy has stinky feet, and from that point on, it was the only thing that Luke and Lexi could think about. Luke turned it into a game of pick on Daddy, from Daddy has shark eyes to farts that look like the old Wildcat. Lexi must have felt bad for Daddy, because she turned it into a game of pick on Mommy.

I was able to redirect Lexi to other areas of interest from snowball fights with Luke to lemonade tea parties with her dolls, but conversation always led back to Mommy’s stinky feet.

Luke is a talker, so it wasn’t too hard to get him to change topics, but once I started asking questions, he did not stop talking. I really wondered at points if he was still breathing in between sentences, and if he was ever going to pause long enough for me to snap the shutter. I actually had to lead the conversation back down the icky hole just to get Luke to take a breath and flash me a giggle!

Happy Go Lucky

March 20, 2013

Anna’s session was full of silliness, laughter, smiles, dancing and just plain being crazy! Anna is one happy little lady, and the positive vibes just roll off of her. As the third child, I think she’s used to fighting for attention, so she pulls out her big personality and lets it shine!

She’s even hard to get mad at. When she does something that she knows she’s not supposed to do, she looks straight at you and just smiles and laughs. Not an evil laugh, just an “I’m having fun” laugh. How can you discipline someone when they are smiling and laughing?!?

Anna will only wear pink and thinks that tutus are fantastic! Any skirt with just a little bit of fluff or tulle is called a tutu, and while wearing a tutu…one must dance! Seems like a pretty good life lesson to me!

Busy, Busy Bees

March 19, 2013

There is only one word to describe the W Clan…busy, busy, busy! Take four kiddos, six years old and under, and that’s what you get. Four different personalities doing four different things at once!

Anyone with a sneak peek into our session would have been laughing at us!

We had our only boy, Logan, start out by refusing to take photos with his sisters. After the promise of a surprise, he finally relented and join the girlyness! Of course, then any time we got awesome smiles out of him he was pointing at us or holding his hand right in front of his face.

After getting Logan settled and up for the task, out of the blue, our little lady, Brooke busts into tears. So then we have to get her settled. I think she secretly, just wanted to spot light for herself!

We had middle sister, Lauren, who was content to sit with her siblings, but really just wanted to smile and interact with them, not us. Although, I can’t say I blame her. Three crazy adults are pretty boring compared to three awesome siblings.

Then we had oldest sis, Kayleigh, who was the only one who didn’t get to sit on the bench. Instead, she had to kneel beside and hold it all together, as only an oldest, first child can! Although I know it was painful, she rocked it!

It was definitely a busy, chaos filled session, but the best response is always to look at it through smiles and laughter! After all that’s the best part of a family!

Snowstorm Baby

March 18, 2013

(Not in the way you’re thinking!)

The night of the second February 2013 snowstorm was the night baby Charlie decided it was time to arrive. He was a couple of weeks early, but he wasn’t going to wait one more minute. At least he let Mommy know early enough that she was able to get to the hospital before any of the storm had really started.

For a guy born in the middle of winter and snow, you would think he would have packed on a few more pounds of fat before arriving…but no, he weighed in at just 7 lbs 2 ounces! He’s definitely a teeny little guy…with little features…from his cute little nose, to his tiny eyelashes! We were blessed by lots of good sleep the day of his session, giving me the opportunity to capture all those little features. But, the best images are the ones in Daddy’s hands. He looks like the tiny little guy he is!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out big brother! Joey was quite excited to introduce me to his little Charlie and even excited to take a few photos…but just a few. At four years old, he has many activities that demand his attention!

Almost a Teenager

March 12, 2013

Melanie is twelve years old and won’t be thirteen until December, but she’s already got some of the teenager traits down! She’s in love with Justin Bieber! Her mom knows how to embarrass her, and she frequently has to tell her to stop. She has no interest in talking about gross bodily functions. Her favorite color is hot pink. She loves to spin and make her hair fly around her face!

I had lots of fun getting to know Melanie, asking lots of questions…some she was up for answering and others there was no way she was going to tell me!

Melanie loves to swim and freestyle is her favorite stroke. She’s a red belt in Taekwondo. She loves singing and of course loves Justin Bieber and has been to a Big Time Rush concert. Her favorite school activity is math, specifically arithmetic. Best of all…she wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up!

Thanks for a fun and silly session, Melanie!

Best Buds

March 8, 2013

“The Calebs”, as I have affectionately nicknamed them, came out to my studio one gloomy Saturday afternoon. You would have never guessed it was cold and gloomy, given their positive, happy, energetic personalities!

They were excited to be movie stars…ready to stand in front of the lights and strike poses!

As you might expect with two good buds, they could crack each other up! One Caleb would get an idea, and it was almost like osmosis; before I knew it the other Caleb was making the same face or striking the same pose. Get these two in a room all alone, with lots of time to plan, and I can only imagine the things they could come up with!

Their session was full of laughs and smiles, and when they left, I was left with a big smile on my face to wipe away the gloom of the day!

Ready to Work It

March 1, 2013

Diego’s Mom had told me that he loved to have his photo taken, and she wasn’t kidding! As soon as Diego saw my big studio lights, his eyes lit up and he was ready to go. We were barely able to contain his excitement long enough to change his shirt, clean his face and remove his shoes and socks.

As soon as I said go, he was out on the background, striking pose after pose. The only challenge was getting him to hold each pose long enough for me to snap the photo. He was ready to move onto the next pose before I was.

With some back and forth questions and answers, and a few guiding words, I eventually got him to slow down long enough for me to capture his infectious smile and his adorable charm!