Rolling With It

April 30, 2013

That was the theme of our session! When it comes to kiddos, you can have the best intentions and the perfect plans, but all of those plans and intentions get thrown out the window the minute reality sets in!

Of course, the part you have to realize is that reality actually makes for some amazing images and some priceless moments that you may not have gotten if you had not embraced reality!

Moments like big brother, Taylor, reading to his little sister, Sophia, from her favorite book!

Moments like the boys of the family, laughing and smiling together.

Moments like Sophia planting a big, huge smooch right on her Mommy’s lips.

When you roll with it, you never know what you will get! It’s a good lesson to learn and it’s a good lesson to remember, not just in photography, but in life too!

A Little Cake Goes a Long Way

April 24, 2013

Sofia has started to enter the stranger anxiety stage and is also becoming a Momma’s girl…which meant the beginning of her session started off by clinging to Mommy and staring me down with big questioning eyes. Luckily, big sister Ava came to Sofia’s session, so big sister and I were able to play, tickle and laugh, which slowly warmed Sofia up to me. If Ava likes me, maybe I wasn’t so bad!

We slowly disconnected Sofia from Mommy and with lots of gimmicks and antics pulled out Sofia’s smiles and giggles. I knew we had officially succeeded when Sofia started laughing, giggling and clapping! There was excitement in the air…and it was time for birthday cake!

Sofia successfully destroyed her birthday cake…mashing it in her hands and wiping her cake covered hands in her hair…giving herself a new hairstyle in the process. However, I don’t think she voluntarily tried one bite of cake. She just was not interested. Despite not eating a single drop of sugar, we still got plenty images of one messy cake girl!

Happy, Happy Man

April 22, 2013

Four outfit changes along with silly adults trying to get his attention and not letting him explore could not ruin Will’s good mood! We could not have asked for a more cooperative, happy, go with the flow little man!

Over the past year and the many portrait sessions capturing Will’s growth and changes, I have come to expect the many faces of Will! He did not disappoint! Although I did not get any sad or mad faces this time, I had lots of open mouth smiles, smirks and quirks!

Just spending time with Will makes me smile! He smiles and laughs so easily and now he’s started jabbering and talking up a storm. While the only words I caught were Mama and Dada, I know his jabbering is full of stories. I just can’t wait for the day that I can understand them!

Tiny Baby Parts

April 18, 2013

One of my favorite things about photographing newborn babies is the chance to capture all their teeny, tiny little parts! Every detail, from their fingernails, to their fuzzy ears, to their sweet lips is amazing…and tiny! They don’t stay tiny for long and, within a couple of weeks, the fuzz will disappear, their fingernails will need trimming, their eyelashes will start to grow and those teeny tiny parts will start to turn into baby chub! Not that there’s anything wrong with baby chub. I do love squishy, chubby baby parts as well, but it’s just not the same as those brand new, teeny, tiny baby parts!

The Trio

April 15, 2013

Caleb, Noah and Brooke were quite the trio!

Brooke never stopped talking, and within a few minutes of being in the studio had already spilled the beans about her brother’s girlfriend. I’m sure if I had asked additional questions, many of her brother’s secrets would have been shared! Brooke definitely enjoys being a star and being the only sister!

Noah would have rather been anywhere else! Getting his photograph taken and snuggling with his siblings…not at the top of his list. Although, at sixteen years old, I can’t imagine any guy who would put that at the top of their list. Despite his reluctance, he survived the session and even flashed a few smiles.

Caleb will be graduating from high school this year, attending two proms and doing it all with a smile and a laugh! It is beyond obvious that Caleb adores his siblings, and loves nothing more than to smother them with love, make them laugh and just make sure they are close by and happy! Snuggling and giving kisses was not a challenge for Caleb!

Slowly Warming Up

April 11, 2013

Alex is a little shy and a little reserved when it comes to performing in front of the camera. However, we are slowly making progress.

Over the last two years, I’ve seen Alex every six months. While she still remains stubborn and opinionated, like all good two year olds, there was some cooperation that occurred during this year’s session. With the bribe of a lollipop, we had a willing and able subject. Although it didn’t last long, it was a step in the right direction!

The good news is that we’ve seen this before! When Alex’s older sister, Morgan, was two years old, she had the exact same demeanor in front of the camera. Now, a couple of years later, she has no problems jumping in front of the camera and working her charm.

I’m sure Mommy and Daddy look forward to the day that Alex is just as willing and able….fingers crossed that day isn’t too far off! In the meantime, we charm, bribe and plead!

Revolving Door

April 9, 2013

These two sisters kept me busy the morning of their session. Hannah is four years old, loves to talk, loves to move, loves to be involved! Little sister, Abigail, just turned one, and guess what…yep, she loves to move, loves to explore, and wants to do things her way, no one else’s!

All their energy, combined with their short attention spans, meant my studio had a bit of a revolving door. We started with the girls together, then we tried little sister by herself without much luck, so we moved on to big sis. Once big sister starting running out of steam, we went back to little sis. Then we tried to change clothes…nope little sis was having none of that. So back to big sis, while little sis had a snack. Then we had success with little sis, so we brought out the birthday cake. Big sis would have jumped in for some cake photos as well, if we had let her! Whew, are you tired?!? We certainly were! Guess what, the girls…nah they were ready for more!

Through it all, I was able to capture glimpses of each girls’ personalities. From sweet to silly to sassy! It was definitely all girl!

The Ladies

April 4, 2013

Even though I only spent a short time with Charlie, I have a feeling that he is a ladies’ man!

We talked about lots of things, from school to work to the snow. I learned that he works at Culvers and Chick-fil-A. That Chick-fil-A has the better fries, but Culvers has the ice cream with Oreo toppings. I heard about his adventures sledding in the snow…sounded pretty scary to me. I know who his favorite teacher is and that he’ll be turning eighteen this summer. He’s a huge KU fan, loves Jeff Whithey and even has a dog named Phog! When he graduates from high school next year he wants to get a job working at a movie theater…which makes sense to me, considering he’s a movie and musical lover! He even gets to play a starfish in his high school’s upcoming presentation of The Little Mermaid.

But…the moment when Charlie’s eyes lit up was the moment he starting talking about the ladies! He’s excited to start dating, and is definitely looking forward to prom. He claims that he likes fast dancing the best, but I’m pretty sure that answer was for his Mom’s benefit. Charlie is one lucky guy, he gets to go to two proms this year. He has a date for one, now he just has to find a date for the second one. Somehow, I don’t think he’ll have much trouble with that!

Around the Corner

April 2, 2013

High School Graduation is just around the corner for Olivia, and although she’s excited, she hasn’t started counting the days yet! She has made future plans, though. She’s going to be heading off to Columbia, Missouri to become a Tiger! (And yes, I did still photograph her even after I heard she was going to MU! As a KU grad, I tried not to hold her future Tigerness against her!) She’s planning on majoring in Journalism, although she’s not quite sure what she wants to do after all is said and done. I told her she has plenty of time, to enjoy the college experience, including those community bathrooms in the dorms, and it will all fall into place in time!

Olivia’s session was full of smiles, giggles and laughs! Even though the weather outside was dismal, it was bright and sunny in-studio!