Miss Pebs Turns Seven

May 30, 2013

That’s right, today is Pebbles’ birthday! I’m sure she’s going to make sure that everyone treats her like the Princess that she is!

Pebbles is our little diva! She likes what she likes, and she likes it a certain way. There’s no deviating from the Pebbles way, and we love her for it!

Pebbles is a people lover! Give her a person (especially a guy), and she’ll turn those big eyes on them, wag her tail slightly and before they even know it they’ve leaned down to pet her and show her attention.

If we let her, she would be the first to greet anyone who came to the door…and her greeting would be a complete lick down! She loves to give puppy kisses, and if you’re showing bare leg, be prepared for the Pebbles lick attack. Small children are the best, because they’re usually right at her level and, Pebs says, their faces can always use an extra cleaning!

Pebbles is the first to crawl up in our laps, or snuggle up close for some loving. She’s not only great at accepting loving, but she’s great at giving it too! Those puppy kisses, they’re available upon request!

Pebbles is an awesome big sister to her crazy little brother, Bruiser. We weren’t quite sure how it would work when we brought him home, because we were messing with the Pebbles way…but he worked his magic and has found a place in her heart. At least once a day, Pebbles and Bruiser play tag, running around the furniture, doing spins and rolls, and running until they’re both panting like crazy.

If you ask Pebbles, she would probably tell you that her best skill is her guard dog skills! She’s the first one to let us know that someone has pulled into the driveway. She’s the first one at the door to scare off those kitty cats. All nine pounds of her little, white, fluffy body are ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Although, if it’s a person, that attack would be in the form of kisses!

We couldn’t imagine our family without the antics of Princess Pebbles…she’s our girl!

The Itty Bitty Toby

May 29, 2013

It’s hard to really tell, because there’s nothing to give you perspective in these photos. I should have photographed a teddy bear or something next to Toby, but instead you’ll just have to trust me.

Toby is teeny, tiny! I met him when he was twelve weeks old. I expected him to be small, but he is SMALL! My somewhat freshly mowed grass was almost too tall for the little guy!

Toby has three older, two-legged siblings who think he’s pretty cool, but from what I saw, his biggest fan is his new Mommy! She’s in love…and so is Toby!

Welcome to the family, Toby!

Happy Boy

May 23, 2013

Thanks to this crazy Spring weather, it took us many reschedules to finally get a non-rainy, sunshiny day to photograph Frisco. But it was worth the wait…green grass, bright sun, a nice bit of a breeze, but cool Spring temperatures that kept Frisco from overheating. It made for for the perfect setting!

From the minute Frisco pulled in the drive, he was smiling ear to ear! He’s definitely the apple in his Daddy’s eye, and Daddy is definitely “the man” as far as Frisco is concerned. Frisco might wander a little, or start to investigate, but he never ventured too far from Dad. All Dad had to do was talk to Frisco, and he would just bust out a great grin, pop his ears and stare right at him.

Frisco is a squeaker nut! When he hears a squeaker, he comes running. His goal in life is remove the squeaker from every toy he finds. So getting a few of Frisco and his favorite squeaker toys was a must!

Through the Gloom

May 22, 2013

Another icky spring day was made bright by three little smiling, happy faces! Luckily, we had not planned on doing an outdoor session, because there was no way the gloomy, rainy, cold day would have made that possible. Inside, the heater was running and the lights were burning, but the true glow came from the happy smiles, silly faces and giggles that came from these three!

With siblings, the favorite part of the session tends to be the individual part, because that’s when they get to have the spotlight all to themselves. Most siblings tolerate the together photos, but just because they have to. These three can’t get enough of each other! They love snuggling with each other! Abby and Matthew, the older two, love to dote on little Allie…they can’t get enough of her. While she has her moments of “leave me alone”, she’s surprisingly very patient and puts up with quite a bit!

I’m sure there are moments where they wrestle, argue and bicker like all siblings, but in front of my camera it’s lots of loving, snuggling and happy times! My wish for them is that they will keep that strong bond throughout the years!

To Each Their Own

May 20, 2013

It’s fun to watch sisters grow and change…Ilena and Lily are no exception! Every time they’re in front of my camera, they are the best of friends. I’m sure they have their moments at home, but what I see are two sisters who love each other, are entertained by each other and are a true pair!

But individually, they are very unique!

Ilena has always been the calm one of the two. She follows directions and listens well. She’s easy to entertain and full of smiles and happiness. She’ll answer questions truthfully and tells you real stories, about her friends and her neighbor’s jungle gym.

Lily…you couldn’t pay her to do what you ask! She moves and acts to her own beat of the drum, and boy does she know how to work her charms!

Here’s a Lily story that will tell you all you need to know! Lily tells me she sees a spider on the ground and he’s going to get me. I ask what will happen if he gets me, and she says he’ll eat you. I ask what I will taste like, and she replies, “chocolate.” (Ah, so sweet!) I ask what Lily would taste like if the spider ate her. Her answer, “spicy!” followed by a laugh!

The Many Faces

May 16, 2013

We only had a limited amount of time with Sullivan before he started getting sleepy and therefore cranky, but it was plenty of time to capture a wide variety of Sullivan faces. From happy to sad to silly to showing off some teeth…Sullivan has an awesome array of faces perfect for making you smile!

His favorite was blowing raspberries! With a little bit of encouragement, and a few examples thrown in, he was sticking that tongue out, blowing bubbles one after another. The best part was the hint of giggle that you could see behind the tongue! Sullivan was definitely cracking me up!

Fun Times

May 10, 2013

Olivia and Weston’s session was full of giggles and laughs! If it wasn’t Olivia and I acting silly in an attempt to coax smiles out of Weston, it was Olivia and I laughing at each other in an attempt to get non cheesy smiles out of her.

Considering Weston was in need of a nap, and is definitely teething, we could not have asked for a more cooperative little man. He pushed through his tiredness, chewed on his fingers a few times, drooled all over the background, and flashed us some smiles, even showing off the two little bottom teeth that have already popped through!

Olivia patiently waited her turn to jump into the session. I firmly believe she really wanted to steal the spotlight, but she was patient and instead was the perfect assistant for getting great expressions out of Weston. Weston definitely thinks Olivia hung the moon and wherever she went, his eyes followed.

When it was Olivia’s turn, I was greeted with a cheese ball smile! It took lots of conversation and creative thinking to lose the cheese ball! In the end, we ended up with expressions of all kinds, from silly to relaxed to oh my!

The Magic of a Two Year Old

May 7, 2013

When the kiddo that I am going to be photographing is two years old, I never know what I’m going to get. Sometimes, I get wild and crazy. Sometimes, I get shy and timid. Or, sometimes, I get a mixture of all of the above!

The best is when I get someone like Riley! Although she started out the session shy and timid, with some coaxing from Mommy and Daddy we were quickly able to pull out her happy, go lucky, cooperating side!

She smiled and laughed at our antics! She repeated words we said. She made animal sounds. But most of all, she found us to be quite funny people!