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Miss Pebs Turns Seven

That’s right, today is Pebbles’ birthday! I’m sure she’s going to make sure that everyone treats her like the Princess that she is!

Pebbles is our little diva! She likes what she likes, and she likes it a certain way. There’s no deviating from the Pebbles way, and we love her for it!

Pebbles is a people lover! Give her a person (especially a guy), and she’ll turn those big eyes on them, wag her tail slightly and before they even know it they’ve leaned down to pet her and show her attention.

If we let her, she would be the first to greet anyone who came to the door…and her greeting would be a complete lick down! She loves to give puppy kisses, and if you’re showing bare leg, be prepared for the Pebbles lick attack. Small children are the best, because they’re usually right at her level and, Pebs says, their faces can always use an extra cleaning!

Pebbles is the first to crawl up in our laps, or snuggle up close for some loving. She’s not only great at accepting loving, but she’s great at giving it too! Those puppy kisses, they’re available upon request!

Pebbles is an awesome big sister to her crazy little brother, Bruiser. We weren’t quite sure how it would work when we brought him home, because we were messing with the Pebbles way…but he worked his magic and has found a place in her heart. At least once a day, Pebbles and Bruiser play tag, running around the furniture, doing spins and rolls, and running until they’re both panting like crazy.

If you ask Pebbles, she would probably tell you that her best skill is her guard dog skills! She’s the first one to let us know that someone has pulled into the driveway. She’s the first one at the door to scare off those kitty cats. All nine pounds of her little, white, fluffy body are ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Although, if it’s a person, that attack would be in the form of kisses!

We couldn’t imagine our family without the antics of Princess Pebbles…she’s our girl!

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One Response to “Miss Pebs Turns Seven”

  1. Mark & Joyce N on May 30th, 2013 9:15 pm

    Happy Birthday Pebbles, from Grandpa and Grandma. I hope you had a fabulous “Diva Day”.

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