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Through the Gloom

Another icky spring day was made bright by three little smiling, happy faces! Luckily, we had not planned on doing an outdoor session, because there was no way the gloomy, rainy, cold day would have made that possible. Inside, the heater was running and the lights were burning, but the true glow came from the happy smiles, silly faces and giggles that came from these three!

With siblings, the favorite part of the session tends to be the individual part, because that’s when they get to have the spotlight all to themselves. Most siblings tolerate the together photos, but just because they have to. These three can’t get enough of each other! They love snuggling with each other! Abby and Matthew, the older two, love to dote on little Allie…they can’t get enough of her. While she has her moments of “leave me alone”, she’s surprisingly very patient and puts up with quite a bit!

I’m sure there are moments where they wrestle, argue and bicker like all siblings, but in front of my camera it’s lots of loving, snuggling and happy times! My wish for them is that they will keep that strong bond throughout the years!

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  1. Sarah N on May 22nd, 2013 11:02 am

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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