Rolling With It

June 26, 2013

When it comes to kids, you have to remain flexible! You may want them to sit, and they may choose to stand. Then when you’ve got everything ready for them to stand, they choose to sit!

It was one of those kind of sessions with Evan and Avery. We had to remain fluid and flexible! We certainly weren’t running the show…these two adorable munchkins were very much in charge!

It was the kind of session that felt chaotic, but there were moments of sweetness and smiles. Evan snuggling up to his sister for photos. Evan telling me a very in-depth story about Rapunzel. Avery busting out moves to “All the Single Ladies”. It’s those times that I wish I had a hidden camera hanging in the studio!

Smiles, laughter and a little bit of chaos…it’s real life!

Not Just Brothers

June 25, 2013

Nick and Luke might be brothers, but they’re also the best of friends. In the short time I got to spend with them, I definitely had a sneak peek into their relationship…and it’s full of laughter, smiles and happy times.

They’re great at making each other laugh! With just a word or phrase, they know what the other one is thinking. They’re not afraid to be silly or goofy, especially if it gets a response out of the other one! They have lots of inside jokes, that are communicated by a look or a raised eyebrow.

They told me they don’t really fight, that the most they might do is some bickering, but that usually ends up in laughter!

With Nick heading off to K-State in the fall, Luke says he’s going to miss Nick…because he can’t drive yet, and Nick is his chauffer…but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that!

Had A Blast

June 18, 2013

I always have so much fun in the studio with Hayden and Hannah. We have a comfortable relationship that has grown over the eight years I have been photographing them.

They’re almost like my little brother and sister. We pick on each other. We tell stories. We tickle. They laugh at my jokes, and “get” my sense of humor!

We always get to spend time catching up on what’s happened in the year since I last saw them.

Hayden’s played touch football, went to basketball camp, swims on the swim team, enjoys math and social studies, and has lost eight teeth!

Hannah graduated Kindergarten and turned six years old! She loves dance and just finished her dance recital, including three different dances, cartwheels, ballet, hip hop and jazz! She’s a lover of everything pink and glittery!

It’s All About the Laughter

June 4, 2013

Pam and Bob have been married for 43 years. After spending an hour photographing the two of them, watching them interact and listening to them, it’s easy to see that the laughter, smiles, orneriness and teasing is the reason they’ve been together for 43 years…and plan to be together for many more!

I’m sure there were tough days and tough years, but having each other to laugh with during those tough times has to be a key to success!

They are high school sweethearts, who only ended up going to their first prom together because Bob sweet talked Pam’s mom, and Pam’s mom “encouraged” a reluctant Pam to go to prom with Bob. Three proms later, and look where they are today!