Three Years Old

July 31, 2013

Is always a fun time to do a session! They’re still at that little kid, everything is fun and silly age. They’ll give you nice smiles, silly smiles, goofy expressions and they laugh…a lot!

Princess Lauren’s three year session was exactly that! Lots of cheesy smiles, sweet smiles, silly faces and giggles! It was Lauren just being Lauren!

Lauren is in love with the Princesses, so we had to get a photo with her and her favorite princesses. If I asked about the princesses, Lauren was quick to include Cinderella in her story…telling me more than once that she was her favorite. For her birthday, Cinderella made an appearance…I can’t even begin to imagine the joy that Lauren felt when Cinderella walked in the door!

Ah, the pure joy of being three…there’s nothing better!

Being Themselves

July 23, 2013

Any time I spend the majority of a session laughing, I know it’s been a good session! Getting Allison and Camille to giggle, scrunch their noses and let loose is always my goal! They both have great smiles and their laughs always make me laugh!

I told the girls their sessions were silly and relaxed…which was absolutely perfect. It doesn’t mean that we don’t capture serious images as well, it just means that everyone is in their element…being themselves!

The Studier

July 16, 2013

Little Charlie was interested in everything around him…except Mommy and me! His toes were intriguing, and figuring out how to get them into his mouth is definitely something he spends lots of time thinking about. Tugging and pulling the blanket into his mouth was a must! Studying his hands, and figuring out how his tongue works requires daily practice.

However, when we could convince Charlie that we were interesting, he would look up at us and flash us big open mouth grins. When he wasn’t studying, inspecting or grinning, he was talking. Charlie is a chatterbox! He’s full of useful and important information, and he wants to make sure you know it all! (I’m sure it’s mostly about his feet, the blanket and his hands…but it’s all very important!)

They Just Keep Getting Older

July 15, 2013

And older and older! I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but when the kiddos that I’ve been photographing for years walk in the door, and they’re as tall as me, it boggles my mind!

The very first time I photographed Madison, Kennedy and Jackson they were two and a half years old and six months old. Now they are entering seventh and fifth grade! Madison is the exact same height as me, and I had to stand on a stool to photograph her!

I used to squat down on the floor to give them hugs. Now I just stand up straight! These little tiny people aren’t little tiny people anymore! They’re growing into beautiful, young adults!

The good news is that we can still be silly and goofy together, and I can still make them smile and laugh!