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They Just Keep Getting Older

And older and older! I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but when the kiddos that I’ve been photographing for years walk in the door, and they’re as tall as me, it boggles my mind!

The very first time I photographed Madison, Kennedy and Jackson they were two and a half years old and six months old. Now they are entering seventh and fifth grade! Madison is the exact same height as me, and I had to stand on a stool to photograph her!

I used to squat down on the floor to give them hugs. Now I just stand up straight! These little tiny people aren’t little tiny people anymore! They’re growing into beautiful, young adults!

The good news is that we can still be silly and goofy together, and I can still make them smile and laugh!

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One Response to “They Just Keep Getting Older”

  1. Kimberly W on July 16th, 2013 1:19 pm

    Wow!!! Per usual… They are amazing! Can’t wait to see the slide show!

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