August 21, 2013

Landon had a few favorite sayings the day of his session, but my favorite by far was “I gotcha”! He would say this one and smile big. After seeing Daddy playing with Landon, I’m pretty sure I know where this phrase comes from…there’s a lot of sneaking up, tickling and wrestling in this father/son relationship. I can hear Landon say “gotcha” anytime he gets his Daddy! They are definitely great buddies, and it was fun to have Daddy in the studio to entertain Landon!

From Zero to Sixty

August 19, 2013

Kathryn started her three year session out with a big fat no! She had no interest in being anywhere near the camera, with Mommy, by herself, in a different outfit, it didn’t matter…according to Kathryn, it just wasn’t going to happen!

Until I offered her a lollipop. Just the promise of the lollipop got her closer to the camera. Then we started making faces at each other, from silly to mad to serious to sad…all of a sudden Kathryn was having fun!

She would not take her eyes off the camera. I’m not sure if she thought it might come alive and attack her if she looked away, but I didn’t care. It was great eye contact, combined with a big smile, that makes for a successful session!

The Kiss Machine

August 16, 2013

I spent a morning with Baxter…which boiled down to kisses, more kisses, smiles, curious eyes, kisses and more kisses! If your head is anywhere near Baxter’s level prepare, to be kissed!

He is such a loving guy! Baxter walked in the door, checked out the surroundings, sniffed me over and must have decided that he approved, because out came that tongue and I received my first Baxter kisses.

Baxter and his Mommy have a very special bond, and it’s easy to see. She loves him dearly and Baxter only has eyes for her!

His Chubbiness

August 14, 2013

At over ten pounds, Mac, is much bigger than his two siblings were when they were born, but the extra chub just adds to his cuteness! Those adorable round cheeks, chunky little arms and double chin are pinchable perfect!

Although, at times Mac was a bit opinionated about the placement of his arms and hands, for the most part he was the perfect sleeping model. He loved being held in Mommy’s arms and frequently wiggled himself into the crook of her hold.

He’s definitely captured Mommy’s heart and I’m sure the gang at home is also falling madly in love!

Off to College

August 13, 2013

Molly is headed off to college in just a few days! Although sad to leave home, I know she’s excited for her new adventure! College is sure to welcome this adventurous, outgoing young lady with open arms!

Molly spent her summer keeping busy with theatre performances, attending concerts, hanging out with her boyfriend and driving around exploring KC! It sounded like a very busy summer, but it also sounded like she had a blast.

Of course, after spending a couple of hours with her, I definitely get the impression that Molly is a go-go-go girl! So this summer was probably full of exactly what she loves…lots of go-go-go and adventure!

I wish you lots of luck, adventure and excitement, Molly!

Fun Times

August 12, 2013

Blake’s senior session was full of smiles and laughs! We just had a great time talking about anything and everything…from his upcoming mission trip to Poland to Harry Potter to his future at KU. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)

I loved getting smiles out of Blake. He just has one of those great, relaxed smiles that would light up any room! The best way to make any guy smile is just to joke with them…I’m great at saying silly, weird stuff that I’m sure makes them say “what?!?” It’s okay if I end up being kind of dorky…the smiles are worth it!

For the Love of Football

August 9, 2013

Markus is a member of the Blue Valley Tigers football team and he is very excited to start his senior year of school…mainly for the football season! He had to sit out the majority of his junior year due to a broken arm…so the fact that he’s a starter and that he still has the entire season ahead of him is very exciting!

I had a fun time getting to know Markus…discussing his college plans, his interest in Engineering, his love of fishing and hunting…basically lots of guy things!

I hope you have an awesome season Markus!

Walk With Me

August 7, 2013

The date for the annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk is Saturday, October 26th!

Last year was a chilly, but great experience and it was the fourth year we had our very own team…the Photography by Brandi team! We had 14 team members and raised more than $1,200.

This year, will you help me beat that?!? To do this, I need all of your help and support! Join the Photography by Brandi team and walk with us. It’s an amazing day, and definitely worthwhile!

It’s the perfect event for kids, babies and adults of every age! Not only is the walk the easiest, low key stroll you’ve ever taken, but the food and activities beforehand are awesome!

- TONS of food: including hot dogs, Italian sausage, kettle corn, ice cream and popsicles and even coffee for crazy peeps like me!
- Games for all the kids (big and small): Jumps and slide moon bouncers, rock climbing wall, carnival rides and games, horseback rides.
- Entertainment: roaming clowns and magicians (this past year there were even a couple of entertainers on stilts!) and stage performances including music and dancing.
- Chiefs football players signing autographs and cheering everyone on at the start line! KC Wolf giving hugs and posing for party pics.
- Thousands of friends (old and new) supporting each other!

…AND, best of all, lots of money is raised to support all the amazing things the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City does for the community!

We will be setting up a hang out tent and bringing fun games, yummy snacks, and making a day of it. This is something you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars!

Or, even better, join my team today!! Click the Walk for Photography by Brandi link.

Just in case you need some motivation to participate, here is the link to last year’s event. We had a blast!

Sports, the Way to the Heart

August 1, 2013

The best way to get smiles out of Max was to talk about sports! He’s a lover of tennis, baseball and soccer! If I asked just the right questions, I could get him talking nonstop…which for a nine year old guy, who would rather be bowling with his school than getting his photo taken, nonstop talking is quite the miracle! He definitely educated me on tennis, and told me all about his soccer and baseball teams!

Max knows how to work the expressions…from serious to smirk to smiley…he’s got them all down!