Stay Classy!

October 30, 2013

Bruiser, Pebbles and Joey are saying no to zombies and vampires. Instead, they are bringing style and class back into Halloween! Hope your Halloween is full of pizzazz!

Thanks for Steppin’ Up

October 28, 2013

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who supported us by walking with, and donating to, our Step Up for Down Syndrome team! The support really means a lot to me!

We had nineteen team members, and lots of amazing donators! Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to raise $1,530! All of the money raised for the Step Up Walk stays here in the Kansas City area and will benefit the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City! It is an awesome local organization whose mission is to provide support and resources for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. DSG also seeks to provide the entire community with information and education to broaden awareness and foster positive attitudes regarding people with Down syndrome.

The morning started out a bit chilly, but really, given the sun shine and the slight breeze, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. As long as you were wearing layers, it was enjoyable! Although everyone wasn’t able to make the team photo, I did make everyone present take off their outer layers and show off this year’s Chiefs colored t-shirts.

There are always must conquer activities and must devour foods – for kids and adults! I know the kids in our group enjoyed the bounce houses, pony rides, kettle corn, hot dogs and ice cream, met a clown or two and loaded up on sugar! The adults needed to carry the kids for a one mile stroll around Arrowhead Stadium as all the sugar sent the kids into sugar coma exhaustion! I guess that just means all the adults were able to burn off those bags of kettle corn, multiple rice krispy treats and cups of coffee that they had enjoyed!

All in all, it was a very successful, beautiful day filled with lots of love, family, friends and support for everyone in attendance! Thanks to everyone who helped make the day awesome!

And, big thanks to my Dad…most of these photos are his doing!!

From Serious to Giggles

October 24, 2013

Since I have been photographing Sophia and Dominic since they were each in their Mommy’s belly, they have some experience in front of the camera…and they know how to work it!

From cool dude Dominic, in his shades and hat, to the sweet giggles that come out of him when we talk about boogers and stinky feet. Both sides are just adorable and perfect for the camera!

Add to that Sophia’s ability to work everything from sassy to sweet to serious, and you have a session full of variety, giggles and laughs!

Have a Breeze

October 23, 2013

The weather in Kansas City is always so unpredictable! Who would have guessed that, in early October, the temperature would have been 85 degrees?!? Of course, this particular evening a cold front was blowing in…and boy was it blowing in. Easily 20 mph winds were bringing in temperatures in the 40s & 50s.

Luckily, we were able to find ourselves a little cove amongst the trees. It wasn’t completely wind free, but at least no one, including little Miss Allie, blew away. Instead, we had uber cheesy smiles, serious stares and giggles that filled the air.

It was definitely the perfect way to spend a warm, fall evening in October!

Purple Fun

October 22, 2013

This was the first time Izzy, Abby & Gabe dressed in purple for their family portraits. Purple was chosen just because it was a fun and different color, but it just also happens to be the color of their favorite college team. Yes, that’s right, they are Wildcat fans!

Of course, they know that I am a KU graduate and very much a Jayhawk fan. That just meant we had lots of fun making up sayings to get everyone laughing and giggling! Comments about purple boogers and stinky Jayhawks…it was all for fun and definitely brought out our silly sides!

Unless one of the kiddos grows up and decides to go to KU, I’m pretty sure we’re always going to be on opposite sides of that rivalry!

A “Mini” Senior Session

October 21, 2013

Ellen, with her jean jacket, her cute skirt and sassy boots, posing on the truck, looked just like one of my high school seniors! Of course, even mentioning the thought of high school senior portraits about made Mommy lose her mind! Luckily, she has nine more years before she has to worry about that!

But since the whole scene looked just like a senior session to me, I just had to keep going. We did some in front of the barn. Ellen sat on the rock pile. She even had a chance to kneel in the “weeds”. We mixed in some serious expressions with the smiles, capturing all sides of Ellen.

All in all Mommy and Daddy are going to have a lot of images to go through…just like a senior session!

Time Flies

October 18, 2013

The last time I saw Mason, he was just a tiny little dude at only six months old. Now, he’s a three and a half year old big kid, full of personality and spunk! And even crazier is the fact that big sister, Ansley, just turned six years old and is in Kindergarten. She looks it! Mason’s baby face and Ansley’s little girl features are all gone, and instead they have been replaced by big kid, mature features.

Of course, not only do their features mature, but so do their personalities! They were both cracking me up. Ansley’s desire to answer every question I asked…even if it was directed to little brother Mason. And Mason’s creative answers to the questions he did get to answer. It was a morning filled with laughs and smiles!

Mister Flirt

October 17, 2013

Charlie is working on perfecting his flirt ability! Right now, he’ll glance at me, start to give me a little smirk, then quickly turn his head or look down and bust out with a big smile. Unfortunately, he’s so quick with the look away that capturing “the flirt” is basically impossible. That didn’t stop me from capturing smiles, serious looks and even a few pre-flirt expressions!

I’m sure the next time I see him, he’ll have his “flirt” down perfectly! Charlie’s definitely going to be a lady charmer!

6 Years Old

October 15, 2013

That was one of the first things Meika was quick to share with me, when she arrived at the studio! Considering the first time I photographed Meika she was inside her Mommy’s belly…the fact that she is six years old is amazing!

During my session with Meika, I learned that she’s in the First Grade. Her favorite subject is Science, where they’re studying the sun, the moon and Earth. Did you know the sun is bigger than Earth? She is also a soccer player. She has two best friends at school. And, shh, it’s a secret…but there may just be some cute boys in her friend circle as well!

Ah, the fun, energetic life of a six year old!

Too Much Fun

October 9, 2013

It was a perfect fall night…well maybe a little warm for fall, but you’ll never hear me complain about the warmth. We had pretty greens and yellows, a big setting sun and not a bit of wind blowing. The bugs were chirping and the train was chugging…which for little boys is PERFECT!

Ashton and Jayden were total rock stars! Working their smiles, their super cheeses, their serious looks and their giggles…all for the camera! They were super sweet to each other…holding hands, giving hugs and Eskimo kisses.

I had way too much fun capturing their smiles and their giggles! I don’t think I could have asked for more from a couple of awesome dudes!

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