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Our Photography Adventure

I’m sure, as all parents can attest, getting photographs of your own kids can make you want to pull your hair out. For us professional photographers, it’s really not that different!

Yes, I can usually dig deep and find the patience and crazy antics that enables me to capture photos of my furry kiddos a few times a year, but I typically get the posed, “I’m sitting here until you give me a treat” stare. It doesn’t matter what noises I make, what my bribes are, how much I plead, getting a true, relaxed, playful look rarely happens!

So, I started to think that it would be fun to take our three fluffy kiddos to another photographer. I have been admiring Illona of scruffy dog photography’s work for quite some time. She works exclusively with animals, and her style is completely different from anything I create.

After doing lots of research, trading emails with Illona and doing our homework, Pete and I made the decision to arrange a trip to visit Illona, and her scruffy dog team, outside of the Toronto, Canada area.

Yes, at this point, I realize the majority of you are thinking I’m crazy! Two things…I love my pups and I love photography…and even more I love and will forever cherish all photographs of my pups!

We rented a car, packed up the backseat with dog beds and the tail end with dog food, toys and treats and headed on a road trip to Canada! The pups were such awesome travelers, sleeping when we were driving, doing their business when we were stopped and cuddling with us in the hotel rooms.

Our session with Illona was more than we could have ever asked for! She went above and beyond, making us feel right at home, welcoming us in to her home/studio, greeting the pups right away…even letting them try to get in a kiss or two, and of course showering them with treats! She took us all around her town, finding lots of creative places to photograph the pups…capturing images of them together and separate, and capturing exactly what I sometimes struggle to capture…personality!

We can’t wait to receive our complete order, including a large wall canvas portrait and an album filled with lots of amazing photos, but in the meantime Illona has created a blog post for us to drool over! Hope you enjoy the photos of our three fur balls as much as we do!

And, here are a few of my snapshots from our travels!

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