Happy Birthday to Me

December 16, 2013

At least that was what Wesley was thinking when he saw his birthday cake. His eyes got as big as saucers and he made a bee line for it. I thought for sure he was going to be shoving it in his mouth, devouring it. But instead, he was dainty and gentle, taking his time. First he chewed on the candle for a little while, then he sat down and started taking tiny bites of frosting. At one point, he even gave a little “mhhhmmm!”

No worries, he still succeeded in getting it all over the place! In his toes, on his belly, up his nose and in his ears! Cake was shared by all!

Mister Flirt

October 17, 2013

Charlie is working on perfecting his flirt ability! Right now, he’ll glance at me, start to give me a little smirk, then quickly turn his head or look down and bust out with a big smile. Unfortunately, he’s so quick with the look away that capturing “the flirt” is basically impossible. That didn’t stop me from capturing smiles, serious looks and even a few pre-flirt expressions!

I’m sure the next time I see him, he’ll have his “flirt” down perfectly! Charlie’s definitely going to be a lady charmer!

Squeals of Joy

September 13, 2013

One year old Weston has found his voice. When he gets really excited about something, he lets out a good squeal…it’s a happy squeal, but it’s nice and loud.

Sister, Olivia, likes to mimic Weston’s squeals. Olivia’s squeals are a bit more higher pitched, but luckily they’re also on the quiet side. I think her high pitch in a loud tone might have driven the dogs a bit crazy!

All in all it was a happy, squeal filled session!

A big squeal for Weston’s first birthday cake!

Naked Baby

September 6, 2013

Little Wesley was more than willing to show off his naked parts, and with all his crawling and moving around, he definitely showed them all off! There was no slowing Wes down..he went right, he went left, he went from sitting to crawling in the blink of an eye.

Although frequently on the move, he was good at glancing back at me and making eye contact with the camera! He definitely has the celebrity pause for the paparazzi look down!

His Chubbiness

August 14, 2013

At over ten pounds, Mac, is much bigger than his two siblings were when they were born, but the extra chub just adds to his cuteness! Those adorable round cheeks, chunky little arms and double chin are pinchable perfect!

Although, at times Mac was a bit opinionated about the placement of his arms and hands, for the most part he was the perfect sleeping model. He loved being held in Mommy’s arms and frequently wiggled himself into the crook of her hold.

He’s definitely captured Mommy’s heart and I’m sure the gang at home is also falling madly in love!

The Studier

July 16, 2013

Little Charlie was interested in everything around him…except Mommy and me! His toes were intriguing, and figuring out how to get them into his mouth is definitely something he spends lots of time thinking about. Tugging and pulling the blanket into his mouth was a must! Studying his hands, and figuring out how his tongue works requires daily practice.

However, when we could convince Charlie that we were interesting, he would look up at us and flash us big open mouth grins. When he wasn’t studying, inspecting or grinning, he was talking. Charlie is a chatterbox! He’s full of useful and important information, and he wants to make sure you know it all! (I’m sure it’s mostly about his feet, the blanket and his hands…but it’s all very important!)

The Many Faces

May 16, 2013

We only had a limited amount of time with Sullivan before he started getting sleepy and therefore cranky, but it was plenty of time to capture a wide variety of Sullivan faces. From happy to sad to silly to showing off some teeth…Sullivan has an awesome array of faces perfect for making you smile!

His favorite was blowing raspberries! With a little bit of encouragement, and a few examples thrown in, he was sticking that tongue out, blowing bubbles one after another. The best part was the hint of giggle that you could see behind the tongue! Sullivan was definitely cracking me up!

Fun Times

May 10, 2013

Olivia and Weston’s session was full of giggles and laughs! If it wasn’t Olivia and I acting silly in an attempt to coax smiles out of Weston, it was Olivia and I laughing at each other in an attempt to get non cheesy smiles out of her.

Considering Weston was in need of a nap, and is definitely teething, we could not have asked for a more cooperative little man. He pushed through his tiredness, chewed on his fingers a few times, drooled all over the background, and flashed us some smiles, even showing off the two little bottom teeth that have already popped through!

Olivia patiently waited her turn to jump into the session. I firmly believe she really wanted to steal the spotlight, but she was patient and instead was the perfect assistant for getting great expressions out of Weston. Weston definitely thinks Olivia hung the moon and wherever she went, his eyes followed.

When it was Olivia’s turn, I was greeted with a cheese ball smile! It took lots of conversation and creative thinking to lose the cheese ball! In the end, we ended up with expressions of all kinds, from silly to relaxed to oh my!

A Little Cake Goes a Long Way

April 24, 2013

Sofia has started to enter the stranger anxiety stage and is also becoming a Momma’s girl…which meant the beginning of her session started off by clinging to Mommy and staring me down with big questioning eyes. Luckily, big sister Ava came to Sofia’s session, so big sister and I were able to play, tickle and laugh, which slowly warmed Sofia up to me. If Ava likes me, maybe I wasn’t so bad!

We slowly disconnected Sofia from Mommy and with lots of gimmicks and antics pulled out Sofia’s smiles and giggles. I knew we had officially succeeded when Sofia started laughing, giggling and clapping! There was excitement in the air…and it was time for birthday cake!

Sofia successfully destroyed her birthday cake…mashing it in her hands and wiping her cake covered hands in her hair…giving herself a new hairstyle in the process. However, I don’t think she voluntarily tried one bite of cake. She just was not interested. Despite not eating a single drop of sugar, we still got plenty images of one messy cake girl!

Happy, Happy Man

April 22, 2013

Four outfit changes along with silly adults trying to get his attention and not letting him explore could not ruin Will’s good mood! We could not have asked for a more cooperative, happy, go with the flow little man!

Over the past year and the many portrait sessions capturing Will’s growth and changes, I have come to expect the many faces of Will! He did not disappoint! Although I did not get any sad or mad faces this time, I had lots of open mouth smiles, smirks and quirks!

Just spending time with Will makes me smile! He smiles and laughs so easily and now he’s started jabbering and talking up a storm. While the only words I caught were Mama and Dada, I know his jabbering is full of stories. I just can’t wait for the day that I can understand them!

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