Getting Your Yoga On

March 13, 2012

I am a big supporter of yoga and it’s benefits. Pete and I have been consistent over the last four years with doing yoga a couple of times a month, and I can see the results. Not only in myself, but in Pete. The flexibility, the balance, the posture, the ability to quiet our minds, and just the overall “makes you feel good” feeling!

Back in August, we started working with Jen, referred to us by our previous yoga instructor, Heidi, after she moved away to Arizona. (As a side note, as a weird “this world is so small” note, it turns out that I had actually done Jen’s husband’s senior portraits the first year I was in business. Crazy!)

Jen asked if I would be interested in doing some yoga photography. I was definitely all for it! Something different, and something to make me step outside of my comfort zone and think outside the box.

We had a blast! We did a little bit of everything from instructional posing to artistic angles and creative composition. Of course, I think Jen had to work a lot harder than me, holding yoga poses for extended periods of time, stretching to her max and then holding it. She definitely worked it for me!

If you are interested in pursuing yoga, I highly recommend Jen!! She is always able to challenge and work us, but still make us feel relaxed, stretched and limbered. Jen specializes in prenatal yoga, holy yoga and personal yoga, and I know she’d love to hear from you!

Some Comedic Relief!

July 9, 2011

It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy the magical, comedic entertainment of two of my favorite magicians! Devin Henderson and Todd Lamanske along with Tom Burgoon will be performing their Comedy Magic show at The Kansas City Improv at Zona Rosa on Saturday, July 23rd at 1 PM.

The best part…all proceeds will benefit the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City!

Get out of the hot sun on a Saturday afternoon and turn on your laugh meter! No worries, the event is family friendly, so bring your kids, bring grandma, bring the neighbors! You won’t be disappointed!

Photographing Adults

September 24, 2010

Yes, my first love is photographing babies and kids, but that does not stop me from photographing other willing subjects! Every once in a while, I have the opportunity to photograph a “grown-up”. It’s a fun change of pace, though a much different experience.

One of the most popular reasons for adults to have their portrait taken is for business purposes. Photographs work very well on marketing materials, including websites, business cards, flyers and lots of other great communication pieces.

Yes, it’s true, most of us adults do not put having our photograph taken at the top of our favorite things to do list. But, when it comes to one-on-one business relationships, that personal touch can make just the right difference. Not only is it a chance to promote your business, i.e. your jewelry, your skin care products, even your magic, but it’s a great way for potential new clients to see who you are. They can get an insight into who they will be working with and build a bond with you before you’ve even met.

A Whirlwind

September 21, 2010

It’s funny how some sessions can seem to last forever, and other sessions seem like they are over in the blink of the eye. Luke and Lanee’s session was one of those blink and it’s over sessions, yet we accomplished quite a bit!

Knowing that two and a half year old Luke and seven month old Lanee were only going to have a short time frame of happiness, cooperation and attention, we were on a mission. We started off with the goal of getting images of the two kiddos together. Of course, just seconds into it, Lanee spits up all over her shirt. Thank goodness, Mommy had a backup!

During this time, Luke is running around the studio like all two year olds do! I start working with him, with the plan to get some individual images of him. It took a little bit of two year old finesse, but we pulled it off.

Now Lanee’s ready to go again! With some fun and games, we successfully captured images of the two of them together. Then we moved to naked baby time with Lanee, and even pulled off some tutu images of Lanee as well!

That’s about the time the meltdowns started. We had reached our limit! They both gave us their all and then they were done.

Get Your Yoga On

May 7, 2009

Pete and I love working with, and supporting, other small, local, individually owned businesses. I’m sure it’s because that’s what we both spend our time and energy pouring our hearts and souls into – our own businesses.

So, when we were both given the opportunity to work with our awesome yoga instructor, Heidi, of YogaXoga, we jumped at it! We love Heidi, and think she’s great. She challenges us, but yet listens to us. Our Yoga practice with her is always a great start to our week!

Pete helped Heidi create a new website last year, and continues to help her make changes and add new fun information…including preparing for her new DVD coming out this summer!

Heidi asked me to photograph her to create new images for marketing her business and an awesome headshot for the new DVD. It’s fun to get to do different things every once in a while…though my first love will always be babies and kids!

Our Favorite Magician

May 5, 2009

Towards the end of last year, I had the opportunity to photograph my favorite magician, Devin Henderson, again! Devin was in need of some new images that demonstrated his fun side! Although Devin primarily targets his magic towards Corporate America, he also has a fun and young-at-heart side that works well for entertaining kiddos of all ages!

Devin has always impressed me, not only with his mind boggling magic, but also his amazing stage presence! During the month of May, Devin will be performing his new show at the Improv in the Majestic Theater, located in the Zona Rosa district. You will be able to see Devin every Saturday in May at 3 PM. Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, bring the neighbors…it’s a family friendly show that’s sure to leave you saying “How did he do that?!?” The show is a “steal” with an admission price of only $5.00! You can buy tickets at the door or online.

I myself have his show on the calendar for May 23rd…hope to see you there!