All Dressed Up

January 8, 2014

Drake, Malia and Pierce arrived at their portrait session dressed in their finest! From bow ties, to tulle, to vests and jackets…they looked smashingly fabulous!

As nice as it is to think that they got all fancy just for me, the outfits (and the kids) traveled to New York City right before Christmas. So, their stylish clothes got to attend the Christmas Rockettes show and see the town…in addition to a little time in front of my camera!

All Smiles

December 18, 2013

It took some extra work, a lollipop bribe, silly jokes and a goofy Daddy, but we pulled smiles and/or perky ears out off all four kiddos of the H family!

Little four legged Bella and big brother Aiden are total go with the flow kids! They work those eyes and those expressions that just melt your heart!

Four year old Morgan has come a long way since the first time I met her. She’s gone from no smiles to super cheese! Now the challenge is calming down the super cheese for a natural smile!

Two and a half year old Alex is still testing her limits! Once we had her relaxed, laughing and smiling she has the best twinkle in her eyes…it just takes some extra work to get that…but it’s all worth it!

From Hot to Cold

December 17, 2013

Ah, two year olds…they are an unique species! Miss Zeiva has the ability to go from hot to cold in the snap of a finger. She can be jumping up and down cheering in one second, and the next second she can be on the floor throwing a tantrum! Unfortunately, for Zeiva, tantrums never work on me…instead they make me laugh. They’re almost always ridiculously dramatic and quite entertaining!

Luckily, if you can distract Zeiva with a new topic or idea, she’s able to shake off the bad and return to the good. Although she frequently thought my jokes and sayings were lame, so instead of laughing at me, she would just give me her serious look. In the end, we all survived the session and we captured a wide variety of Zevia, the two year old!

All About Sports

December 2, 2013

Despite their button up, dress shirt looks, these brothers would much rather have been on the football field, basketball court or even the baseball diamond. They love their sports!

Whether it’s a professional team, a college team, sports games on the Xbox, wrestling in the middle of the family room, school sports or even gym class and recess at school, you can bet that they’ll be enjoying some sports!

Although there was no dangerous wrestling in the studio, that didn’t stop us from being silly, laughing and giggling at each other!

A Girls Day

November 20, 2013

On a day when she was out of school and her two older brothers had school, Madison had a Girls Day with her Mom! They started Girls Day with a trip to see me! It sounded like the day started off on the perfect note. Fun Mommy and Daughter time getting ready for a portrait session. Jamming to loud music on the drive to the studio. Time in front of the camera…smiling, laughing and sharing stories.

It sounded like Madison had the rest of the day planned out as well! She thought Stix should be on the schedule for a yummy shrimp lunch. Madison also wanted to get some new basketball shoes, for the upcoming season, so a little shopping was in order. However the rest of the day panned out, I’m sure it was full of girly fun! I’m glad I was able to help kick off the day!

You’re Silly

November 19, 2013

This was Joey’s favorite thing to say to me…and surprisingly not the first time I’ve heard it from one of my little clients! When working with children, of all ages, I tend to act a bit goofy.

If I’m relaxed, then they relax and give me natural smiles. I make funny faces, say funny one liners and just let loose…which gets me the “You’re Silly” comment.

I always roll with it and become even more silly! That turns on the cheese ball smiles and the scrunchy noses…two things Joey is the master of!

So really, who’s the silly one?!?

Calm for the Moment

November 18, 2013

I’m pretty sure that John Daniel would have much rather spent his morning running around the house, wrestling his brother or even karate chopping the sofa, but instead he got to spend it with me! Dressed in a button shirt and jeans, with a jacket and vest thrown in, looking all spiffy and put together.

Despite the restriction of not being able to run around the studio like a speeding train, we still managed to have a good time. From his constant questions (why, how, who?), to his great laugh and entertaining chatter, his session flew by quickly…and left me with lots of images of a variety of John Daniel faces!

All In One

November 15, 2013

Take an on-the-go, 18 Month Old, add multiple outfit changes, request for eye contact and cute expressions and what do you get…a whirlwind of a session! Will went from happy and excited to angry and frustrated to proud and loud to tired and sad to ornery and mischievous! Mommy, Daddy and I experience every emotion right along with him!

When it comes to this age, you just have to roll with it! That’s exactly what we did!

Silly Kid

November 12, 2013

It is almost impossible to get a serious image of Adele. This girl never stops smiling, laughing or talking!

She tells knock, knock jokes till she runs out…which is a long time, because the knock, knock jokes will start out cute and funny, and then they transition into things that make no sense at all.

She asks questions until you run out of answers. Who is that girl? Why did you photograph her? Why did she change dresses? The whys go on and on and on.

Then, when we transition to silly sayings, between Adele and I coming up with one liners, the laughter just fills the room!

Too Easy

November 4, 2013

Landon is at that perfect stage where all I have to do is look at him and he starts laughing! It’s almost too easy to capture smiles and giggles and laughter.

The challenge comes when trying to get the more serious, calm expressions. Those require quiet and relaxed moments, neither of which happen very much when it comes to Landon. But no worries, in between giggles and laughter, I was able to capture a few closed mouth, quiet Landon moments!

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