Just a Few Laughs

November 5, 2013

When it comes to senior boys, the more I can do to embarrass them, joke with them, be dorky…the bigger and more relaxed the smiles get! Travis was no different!

Unfortunately for Travis, the more I embarrassed him, the more he laughed! His laugh was just too great not to bring out! He definitely can’t say that he didn’t smile, laugh or have fun at his senior session. Although, getting him to actually admit that he had fun…now that one might be a challenge!

Thanks for being a good sport, Travis! You definitely made the session fun and entertaining!

Don’t Let That Serious Face Fool You

September 12, 2013

Despite the fact that a senior portrait session was the last thing on Riley’s “sounds like fun” list, we survived! I enjoyed my time chatting with the sarcastically humorous Riley.

Hearing about what he’s into…like hanging out with his friends and “watching paint dry.” Learning that the class he’s most excited about is the one where you build a boat out of cardboard and then attempt to float a teacher across a pond.

Riley doesn’t let his humor flow freely, but if you listen closely, you can catch his quips and his jabs!

Off to College

August 13, 2013

Molly is headed off to college in just a few days! Although sad to leave home, I know she’s excited for her new adventure! College is sure to welcome this adventurous, outgoing young lady with open arms!

Molly spent her summer keeping busy with theatre performances, attending concerts, hanging out with her boyfriend and driving around exploring KC! It sounded like a very busy summer, but it also sounded like she had a blast.

Of course, after spending a couple of hours with her, I definitely get the impression that Molly is a go-go-go girl! So this summer was probably full of exactly what she loves…lots of go-go-go and adventure!

I wish you lots of luck, adventure and excitement, Molly!

Fun Times

August 12, 2013

Blake’s senior session was full of smiles and laughs! We just had a great time talking about anything and everything…from his upcoming mission trip to Poland to Harry Potter to his future at KU. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)

I loved getting smiles out of Blake. He just has one of those great, relaxed smiles that would light up any room! The best way to make any guy smile is just to joke with them…I’m great at saying silly, weird stuff that I’m sure makes them say “what?!?” It’s okay if I end up being kind of dorky…the smiles are worth it!

For the Love of Football

August 9, 2013

Markus is a member of the Blue Valley Tigers football team and he is very excited to start his senior year of school…mainly for the football season! He had to sit out the majority of his junior year due to a broken arm…so the fact that he’s a starter and that he still has the entire season ahead of him is very exciting!

I had a fun time getting to know Markus…discussing his college plans, his interest in Engineering, his love of fishing and hunting…basically lots of guy things!

I hope you have an awesome season Markus!

Around the Corner

April 2, 2013

High School Graduation is just around the corner for Olivia, and although she’s excited, she hasn’t started counting the days yet! She has made future plans, though. She’s going to be heading off to Columbia, Missouri to become a Tiger! (And yes, I did still photograph her even after I heard she was going to MU! As a KU grad, I tried not to hold her future Tigerness against her!) She’s planning on majoring in Journalism, although she’s not quite sure what she wants to do after all is said and done. I told her she has plenty of time, to enjoy the college experience, including those community bathrooms in the dorms, and it will all fall into place in time!

Olivia’s session was full of smiles, giggles and laughs! Even though the weather outside was dismal, it was bright and sunny in-studio!

Time Flies

March 27, 2013

I know Alec is going to love me for this post, but I just have to share. The very first time I photographed Alec was over eleven years ago…my first year of business! Now, he’s all grown up…eighteen years old, graduating from high school and ready to head to KU!

As happens frequently, time gets away from us and so it’s been a few years since I last saw Alec. He’s still the handsome, friendly, generous and kind guy I remember…full of awesome smiles and great serious expressions!

I had a great time catching up, hearing about high school and his college plans! It sounds like he has some fun, exciting times ahead. I wish only the best for you, Alec! May you reach for and achieve your dreams!

A Smile A Day

November 6, 2012

Cody is officially my final senior for the year…not the last 2013 senior…just the last one that I will be photographing in 2012. At the beginning of the day, it looked like were going to be rained out, but after a couple of hours of falling rain, the skies cleared and were replaced by blue skies and high winds.

Although, the wind was quite gusty at times, we lucked out with pretty good weather. Nice temperatures and sunny skies…the perfect way to end the 2012 outdoor season.

Top it off with tons of laughs and smiles from Cody, and it was a fun, successful session.

Cody is a smiler! He started his session off with some serious, closed mouth expressions, but once I got him talking, he was all smiles. The longer the session went, the more freely the smiles came. Most of the time, they were caused by my bad jokes or my giving him a hard time…but he was a great sport and went with the flow every time!

Country Guy

October 22, 2012

Matt is a born and raised country guy! He walked into his session carrying two sets of boots. He drives a large, loud truck. He rides horses, ropes cattle and works at a cattle farm. His favorite movie is Pure Country and he only listens to country music. He’s planning on heading to K-State and majoring in something agriculture related!

Are you seeing the overall theme?!?

Despite the fact that I live on eleven acres, and 20 minutes from the nearest Starbucks, I know absolutely nothing about being a country girl. Talking with Matt, hearing all about his life and the things he does, was quite interesting.

I know senior portraits are not on the top of his list of things to do on a Saturday, but hopefully he had as much fun educating me as I had learning from him!

Have A Breeze

September 19, 2012

Thanks to a rain storm the previous day, Rachel and I were blessed with great weather and even some green grass! Unfortunately, we were also blessed with quite a breeze. Although, we tried our best to stay in spots where the wind was calm or non existent, we weren’t 100% successful.

Of course, when you have long hair like Rachel’s, wind is the enemy! The minute the wind started blowing, Rachel’s hair was whipping around and was always right in her face. Rachel had her work cut out for her, having to continually make sure her hair was in place…which is, of course, made even more challenging when you’re already a bit hair obsessed!

Despite the hair challenges, we still had fun – laughing and smiling and even working in a few serious faces!

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