Happy Birthday Miss Pebbles!

May 30, 2014

I cannot believe our little lady turns eight years old today! I still remember the first time we met her. The family we got her from had nicknamed her “Sticky” because she had gotten herself stuck in a sticky mousetrap and had gotten sticky stuff all over her paws. From that day, and every day since, she has kept us on our toes!

Wherever I am, you can find Pebbles. One of the best games to play is to hide while she’s not looking and then listen to her search the house for me. The joy that crosses her face when she finds me is indescribable! If I even dare to go to the bathroom without her, and even go so far as to close the door, I get to hear her humphs and sighs as they echo under the door.

She’s a busy body, a know it all and a second Mother to her brothers, but she’s our Pebbles, and we wouldn’t know life any other way.

When she smiles, she does it with her whole body, from tip of nose to tip of tail! When she’s weird, she’s hilarious! And when she’s trying to protect us from the neighborhood dogs, kids, lizards, and birds, she’s showing us how much she loves us! And we love her right back!!

Goodbye Kansas City

February 16, 2014

The truck is loaded and the house is empty. The dogs are strapped in my back seat, and Pete’s car is stuffed to the brim. Today is the beginning of our new adventure!

Up until this moment, it was easy to dream of the positive points (warmer weather, a new start, no snow, a great career opportunity, exploration and change), and ignore the challenging points (saying goodbye, packing up the studio, and leaving family & friends behind).

It’s helpful to know that we’ll be back in just a handful of months, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to all of you! You have brought love, happiness, generosity, support and friendship into our lives, and you have helped to create the people we are today!

Thank you and see you soon!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Mister J Turns 13

February 12, 2014

I guess Joey’s big birthday present this year is a stressful week of packing, road tripping and moving into a rental home! I know it’s going to be a rough week for him, but I feel confident that once he feels the warm Arizona sun on his back, he’ll start to relax and learn to love his new home. He’s always searching the house for patches of sun to lay in. No matter how small they are, he’ll curl up and sun bathe. Once he realizes he has a fenced in back yard that is full of sun, I imagine he will be spending a lot of time outside soaking in the rays!

Joey may be 13 today, and he may spend a lot of time sleeping, but he still finds time to be ornery, feisty and playful.

He’s not much of a kisser or a hugger, but happy tail wags…he gives lots of those, and constant companionship…he’s all over it! Joey’s best trait is that he’s always by my side. He has a bed or some place comfy to lay in every room that I hang out in. If I’m in that room, he’s there with me…in his comfy spot!

He’s our scruffy, silver haired, handsome, adorable, little man!

B Turns Three

January 7, 2014

On Saturday, my little buddy Bruiser turned three years old! It is absolutely crazy to think that he’s already been with us for that long. I still call him my baby Bruiser!

Of our three pups, his puppyhood time has been the easiest! He learned great sleeping habits from the older two, and with the exception of a morning walk and a couple of breaks during the day, he’ll sleep the day away while we work. His jolt of energy comes in the evening when he must play fetch, over and over and over again. But, when it’s bedtime, he goes right into his kennel and sleeps the night away.

He has brought youth to our home…forcing Joey and Pebbles to play with him…keeping them active and fit!

He has brought laughter to our home…he has the quirkiest personality, and hair that does its own thing. So, when you need to smile or have a laugh, just a simple glance at Bruiser will do the trick!

He has brought love to our home…he’s a great hugger, kisser and snuggler…and he’s not shy about spreading the love around!

He has made our hearts fuller and our lives richer! We love the crazy little dude!

Holiday Blessings to You!

December 26, 2013

Although we are excited for our new adventure to Phoenix, we will miss our home, the beautiful fall colors and, most of all, each of you! We will forever cherish and hold dear all the memories that we have created here on The Ranch. Thank you for helping to make our lives full of love and laughter!

Brandi, Pete, Joey, Pebbles and Bruiser

Contract Pending

December 23, 2013

The latest and greatest update on the big move to Phoenix is that we have a contract on our house. Of course, we’re still working through all the steps, so fingers are crossed that everything goes as planned, but it’s the first step in the right direction!

Assuming all goes as planned, we will be packing up and hitting the road in mid February. We are currently looking for a place to rent in Phoenix, so hopefully we can get that all lined up after the new year. Which will be another step in the right direction.

There are so many moving parts, and detail after detail to get lined up…if my head doesn’t explode before this is all over, it will be a miracle!

A big thank you to each of you for your constant support and encouragement! I will continue to keep you posted as we make progress and check off our to do list!

Cold and Snowy

December 22, 2013

This was the scene I woke up to this morning…a white, winter wonderland. Undisturbed, the snow is beautiful and serene. Although, spending five minutes outside photographing in these cold temperatures was enough to send me back inside to the warmth of the heater.

The snow isn’t too deep, but I am glad the holiday season is wrapped up and I don’t have to worry about clients getting in and out of our driveway.

I’m secretly hoping this is the last snow fall I see from this view point! (I know wishful thinking, considering it’s only December, but a girl can dream!)

Our Photography Adventure

November 1, 2013

I’m sure, as all parents can attest, getting photographs of your own kids can make you want to pull your hair out. For us professional photographers, it’s really not that different!

Yes, I can usually dig deep and find the patience and crazy antics that enables me to capture photos of my furry kiddos a few times a year, but I typically get the posed, “I’m sitting here until you give me a treat” stare. It doesn’t matter what noises I make, what my bribes are, how much I plead, getting a true, relaxed, playful look rarely happens!

So, I started to think that it would be fun to take our three fluffy kiddos to another photographer. I have been admiring Illona of scruffy dog photography’s work for quite some time. She works exclusively with animals, and her style is completely different from anything I create.

After doing lots of research, trading emails with Illona and doing our homework, Pete and I made the decision to arrange a trip to visit Illona, and her scruffy dog team, outside of the Toronto, Canada area.

Yes, at this point, I realize the majority of you are thinking I’m crazy! Two things…I love my pups and I love photography…and even more I love and will forever cherish all photographs of my pups!

We rented a car, packed up the backseat with dog beds and the tail end with dog food, toys and treats and headed on a road trip to Canada! The pups were such awesome travelers, sleeping when we were driving, doing their business when we were stopped and cuddling with us in the hotel rooms.

Our session with Illona was more than we could have ever asked for! She went above and beyond, making us feel right at home, welcoming us in to her home/studio, greeting the pups right away…even letting them try to get in a kiss or two, and of course showering them with treats! She took us all around her town, finding lots of creative places to photograph the pups…capturing images of them together and separate, and capturing exactly what I sometimes struggle to capture…personality!

We can’t wait to receive our complete order, including a large wall canvas portrait and an album filled with lots of amazing photos, but in the meantime Illona has created a blog post for us to drool over! Hope you enjoy the photos of our three fur balls as much as we do!

And, here are a few of my snapshots from our travels!

Stay Classy!

October 30, 2013

Bruiser, Pebbles and Joey are saying no to zombies and vampires. Instead, they are bringing style and class back into Halloween! Hope your Halloween is full of pizzazz!

Change is Coming

September 10, 2013

It is with mixed emotions, and yet with excitement, that I write this note. For the last thirteen years, my husband Pete has been my number one fan and my constant source of support and encouragement as I pursued my photography passion into a successful portrait photography business. Now, it’s my turn to do the same for him.

Since Pete went back to the corporate world a couple of years ago, his career has been progressing in an upwardly fashion. It is now his turn to pursue his dreams and to see how high he can fly. With some recent changes at his company, he has the opportunity to reach for the stars.

With this new opportunity comes a move. We will be leaving Kansas City for the sunny skies of Phoenix, Arizona.

We are in the very beginning stages, and as you might imagine, there is a lot up in the air right now. Our house is currently on the market and it’s out of our hands as to what the timeline will be regarding a sale. (Speaking of which, if you know of anyone looking, please send them our way!)

My plan is to jump into my busy fall schedule, create and deliver lots of cards and gifts in time for the holidays and wrap things up at the end of the year.
As far as what comes next in Phoenix…I’m not sure. At this point, my current plan for next year is to make two trips back to Kansas City, probably in the May and September time frames. I’ll rent, borrow or find a studio space to use, and for a couple of weeks, take as many sessions as I can squeeze in.

So, we’re not flying away, we’re just spreading our wings and exploring a new and exciting frontier! I look forward to sharing our adventures with you all! Stay tuned on the blog, facebook and instagram for the latest news.


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