Miss Pebs Turns Seven

May 30, 2013

That’s right, today is Pebbles’ birthday! I’m sure she’s going to make sure that everyone treats her like the Princess that she is!

Pebbles is our little diva! She likes what she likes, and she likes it a certain way. There’s no deviating from the Pebbles way, and we love her for it!

Pebbles is a people lover! Give her a person (especially a guy), and she’ll turn those big eyes on them, wag her tail slightly and before they even know it they’ve leaned down to pet her and show her attention.

If we let her, she would be the first to greet anyone who came to the door…and her greeting would be a complete lick down! She loves to give puppy kisses, and if you’re showing bare leg, be prepared for the Pebbles lick attack. Small children are the best, because they’re usually right at her level and, Pebs says, their faces can always use an extra cleaning!

Pebbles is the first to crawl up in our laps, or snuggle up close for some loving. She’s not only great at accepting loving, but she’s great at giving it too! Those puppy kisses, they’re available upon request!

Pebbles is an awesome big sister to her crazy little brother, Bruiser. We weren’t quite sure how it would work when we brought him home, because we were messing with the Pebbles way…but he worked his magic and has found a place in her heart. At least once a day, Pebbles and Bruiser play tag, running around the furniture, doing spins and rolls, and running until they’re both panting like crazy.

If you ask Pebbles, she would probably tell you that her best skill is her guard dog skills! She’s the first one to let us know that someone has pulled into the driveway. She’s the first one at the door to scare off those kitty cats. All nine pounds of her little, white, fluffy body are ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Although, if it’s a person, that attack would be in the form of kisses!

We couldn’t imagine our family without the antics of Princess Pebbles…she’s our girl!

Snow Day!

February 22, 2013

Our four legged little kiddos are not huge fans of the snow. Their preference is to run outside, do their business and then get their furry behinds back inside!

However, considering large snow falls have been so few and far between, this photographer Mommy could not let the snowpocalypse of 2013 go without some photos!

We bundled them up in their winter jackets and out we went. Pete had shoveled the drive and the sun had melted it to just a nice wet cement, so it took some encouragement to get them off the driveway.

We had a few king of the mountain moments…yes we placed them there, and no they did not want to stay!

In an attempt to get a car up the driveway, Pete had made some good tire ruts along the gravel drive. We started walking with three little fur balls following us. Then they kicked off the racing! It was the funniest thing Pete and I have seen in quite a while! I’ve never seen them run SO fast, and they just kept going back and forth and back and forth. Sometimes jumping across the “median” to race in the other tire lane. Sometimes racing down the median…although that made for some pretty slow going.

Some of my images are blurry, but I had to include them because it just emphasizes how fast they were actually running. And on that note, I hope you enjoy my entertainment for the day!

Joey – “King of the Mountain”

“Are you guys watching?”

“What’s Joey thinking?”

“How do I join in?”

Check out Little B’s air!

High Speed Turn

Super Puppies!

Here Comes Joey!

Full Speed Collision!

It’s a Train

Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Median Running is Slow Going

And Hard Work

Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2013

Pebbles, Joey and Bruiser are sending lots of puppy kisses your way today! Make sure you pucker up for cold noses and wet tongues! Hope your day is full of lots of hugs, kisses and love!

My Golden Boy

February 12, 2013

Yep, my Little Mister, Joey, turns twelve years old today on the twelfth of February…his golden birthday!

Although, after working on his images I think we should call it his grey birthday! You’d never guess that this little man started out with black and white spots of fur. The white quickly disappeared after a few haircuts, and was replaced by different shades of black and grey, but over the years the black has faded and now he’s just my disguised grey haired little man!

Joey is my side kick, my right hand man! He’s always close by, keeping me in line, snuggling in bed with me, making sure I remember that he sits really well and therefore deserves a treat (or two).

He doesn’t like to be left at home, and it breaks my heart every time I have to leave him. But he never holds it against me. He’s always ready to greet me with an open mouth smile, followed by a quick trip to the toy box to return carrying a favorite toy. It’s his greeting…a toy and a tail wag!

Joey’s a frequent napper, and his favorite place to nap is in my office, right at my feet. He has multiple beds to choose from, but his favorite is a small green one. He frequently hangs out of it, because he insists on stretching out, when the bed was really made for him to curl up in a ball. If he’s not in his bed, he is usually right at my feet, risking the chance that I’ll run over his tail with my chair wheels!

Thanks to Joey’s amazing ability to charm the camera and me…another birthday session is in the books!

We’ll definitely be celebrating Joey’s Golden Birthday in style tonight! I’m seeing lots of cuddling, and some extra treats in his future for sure!

My Grandparents

January 15, 2013

Last April, I was visiting my grandparents, and despite the fact that it was the last thing they wanted to do that day, I made them search their closet for coordinating outfits and then drug them outside for a few photographs.

Yes, it took me over eight months to find the time to work on their images, but that’s okay, because I had the images on the computer, backed up, saved and waiting for me!

Now looking at them, it takes me right back to that day. My grandpa being difficult (or should we say silly!), and my grandma (who’s voice I can hear perfectly in my head) telling him to “Stop that!”

Over sixty years of marriage, and they still make each other laugh, still give each other a hard time, still look out for one another, and still love each other!

It doesn’t need to come anytime soon or even quickly, but I look forward to experiencing sixty years of marriage and still smiling and laughing at each other, just like my adorable grandparents!

Little Buddy

January 4, 2013

That’s one of my most common nicknames for Bruiser. I call him Buddy or my Little Buddy. I even think that sometimes he responds to the name Buddy more than he responds to the name Bruiser. The funny thing is that both names describe him perfectly!

I would have never guessed that the little two pound, skinny, thin haired puppy we brought home would turn in to a nine pound ball of fur, but that’s exactly what happened. He uses that nine pound body like a wrecking ball, pouncing on his older siblings, encouraging them to play with him. He is relentless…constantly egging them on, trying to irritate them, with nonstop pestering until they chase him or wrestle with him. He’s definitely a Bruiser!

On the other hand, if you call him, he’s quick to come, and most of the time he doesn’t need to be called because he’s already hanging out nearby. If you want a hug or kiss he’s happy to oblige…and he is always quick to give a good tail wag, just to brighten up your day!

He’s quite the comedian, always with a look of mischief or a question on his face. He definitely has the “Who me?” look down!

My Little Buddy turns two years old today, and I can barely remember what life was like before he entered our family, but I know it definitely wasn’t as entertaining!

Princess Pebbles Strikes Again

December 26, 2012

The attention and popularity is starting to go to her head, but we wanted to share the third edition of the Princess Pebbles Holiday Newsletter with all of our online friends! Hope your holidays are full of love and laughter!

Happy Holidays to all…two legged and four legged!! It’s me, Princess Pebbles, with my annual end of year letter to all of my fans! I know you’ve all been on pins and needles waiting to hear from me.

The first thing I must fill you in on is the one thing that is most important to me. My parent’s obsession with continually adding new smelly, living, breathing creatures to our home. This year, they brought home a new feline! Seriously, one wasn’t enough? Don’t they realize how hard I have to work to keep these spies away from our home? I don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years ago, a kitty cat named Shadow started living in our barn. She would hang out around the house and stick her face up against the windows to drive me crazy. Now, there’s a second kitty and her name is Treat. She lives outside with Shadow, but she spends most of her time on my front porch. Every time I go outside I have to run her off, but she comes back the minute I go inside. She really likes to pester me by sitting on the porch railing. I can see her from every angle, but yet my parents won’t let me get to her! I’m sure you’ll meet her if you come out to the house; she does her best to run out and greet any and all cars that pull up. I know she’s trying to out do me in the welcoming department! The worst part of it is that she and Shadow are becoming buddies. I know they are conspiring, looking for the best ways to drive me crazy!



At the beginning of the year, Daddy started spending his days in other parts of the house, usually rooms with closed doors. My understanding is that he joined the Corporate America workforce again as a Business Consultant for MarketSphere. He spends his day talking into this odd thing that hangs off of his ear. He talks to people named Kodak, Crocs, Wrigley and CVS…weird names if you ask me, but no one usually asks my opinion! Since my brothers and I tend to bark, play and make noise during the day when we’re hanging out with Mommy in her office space, Daddy had to find a new space to work. He was out of town for a handful of weeks this year, but most of his time has been spent at home. Which means we get to go get the mail together and take lunch breaks together. It’s great to have him close by, even if he’s not in the same room!

This year, Mommy’s goal was to spend less time sitting at the computer and more time playing, lounging and spoiling ME! She did a really good job of this until the end of the summer, when the holiday season started. Over the summer, we would sit outside after dinner, enjoying the summer smells, warm breezes and nature sounds. (Thankfully this was before Treat joined our family. I’m sure next summer it’s going to take all my energy to keep her from invading my summer relaxation!) The holiday season has kept Mommy very busy with outdoor sessions and holiday card creations, so I haven’t been getting my evening spoiling. I’ll be happy when the last holiday card has been delivered!

Right before the holiday season started, Mommy and Daddy left town. Our Aunt Karen came to stay with us. We love when Aunt Karen comes and stays: she spoils us rotten! Lots and lots of loving, toy playing, barking and sleeping…is there anything better!

Mommy and Daddy headed across the pond to spend a week on a big boat. Since I didn’t get to accompany them, I just have to repeat what I overheard them telling everyone. They flew into Rome and spent a day touring the city, after which they boarded a cruise ship. A couple of days were spent resting and relaxing on the ship, with stops in Sicily, Athens, Turkey and Crete. I know they really enjoyed themselves, but were also happy to come home to our adorable, smiley faces!

If you haven’t spent time perusing Mommy’s blog, you must check it out! You can see lots of photos of ME (and my brothers), photos of Mommy & Daddy’s trip, and of course lots of photos of all of Mommy’s adorable clients…big and small, two legged and four legged!

I’m looking forward to lots of relaxing, eating, and playing time over Mommy’s holiday break. I wish you the same…be sure to spoil all of your favorite people and pets this year. Take a break and enjoy the moment!

Love, Pebbles (and Brandi, Pete, Joey & Bruiser)

Holiday Greetings!

December 24, 2012

Yep, we made the Naughty List again this year, but it was totally worth it!

Hope your holidays are full of nice (and naughty)!
Happy Holidays! Joey, Pebbles, Bruiser, Brandi & Pete

Happy Pumpkin Day!

October 31, 2012

Our three little pumpkins want to wish you a Happy Halloween! May it be full of smiles, sugar and spooks!

Session Crasher!

October 26, 2012

Treat, one of our new kitties, has become extra friendly! She’s been known to greet arriving clients at the front stoop and is always ready to cozy up to anyone who pauses for a second.

A new experience was when she decided to join in at Cody’s portrait session. She jumped right up next to him, and then before I knew it, she was in his lap getting lots of loving! Of course, once she’s been shown some loving, she’s impossible to get rid of…she followed us around the entire time we were outside!

Cody was easily distracted by Miss Cuddlebug!

Hey, who invited you to be part of Cody’s session?!?

I see a kitty cat who really wants some attention!

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