Happy Birthday Miss Pebbles!

May 30, 2014

I cannot believe our little lady turns eight years old today! I still remember the first time we met her. The family we got her from had nicknamed her “Sticky” because she had gotten herself stuck in a sticky mousetrap and had gotten sticky stuff all over her paws. From that day, and every day since, she has kept us on our toes!

Wherever I am, you can find Pebbles. One of the best games to play is to hide while she’s not looking and then listen to her search the house for me. The joy that crosses her face when she finds me is indescribable! If I even dare to go to the bathroom without her, and even go so far as to close the door, I get to hear her humphs and sighs as they echo under the door.

She’s a busy body, a know it all and a second Mother to her brothers, but she’s our Pebbles, and we wouldn’t know life any other way.

When she smiles, she does it with her whole body, from tip of nose to tip of tail! When she’s weird, she’s hilarious! And when she’s trying to protect us from the neighborhood dogs, kids, lizards, and birds, she’s showing us how much she loves us! And we love her right back!!

Mister J Turns 13

February 12, 2014

I guess Joey’s big birthday present this year is a stressful week of packing, road tripping and moving into a rental home! I know it’s going to be a rough week for him, but I feel confident that once he feels the warm Arizona sun on his back, he’ll start to relax and learn to love his new home. He’s always searching the house for patches of sun to lay in. No matter how small they are, he’ll curl up and sun bathe. Once he realizes he has a fenced in back yard that is full of sun, I imagine he will be spending a lot of time outside soaking in the rays!

Joey may be 13 today, and he may spend a lot of time sleeping, but he still finds time to be ornery, feisty and playful.

He’s not much of a kisser or a hugger, but happy tail wags…he gives lots of those, and constant companionship…he’s all over it! Joey’s best trait is that he’s always by my side. He has a bed or some place comfy to lay in every room that I hang out in. If I’m in that room, he’s there with me…in his comfy spot!

He’s our scruffy, silver haired, handsome, adorable, little man!

B Turns Three

January 7, 2014

On Saturday, my little buddy Bruiser turned three years old! It is absolutely crazy to think that he’s already been with us for that long. I still call him my baby Bruiser!

Of our three pups, his puppyhood time has been the easiest! He learned great sleeping habits from the older two, and with the exception of a morning walk and a couple of breaks during the day, he’ll sleep the day away while we work. His jolt of energy comes in the evening when he must play fetch, over and over and over again. But, when it’s bedtime, he goes right into his kennel and sleeps the night away.

He has brought youth to our home…forcing Joey and Pebbles to play with him…keeping them active and fit!

He has brought laughter to our home…he has the quirkiest personality, and hair that does its own thing. So, when you need to smile or have a laugh, just a simple glance at Bruiser will do the trick!

He has brought love to our home…he’s a great hugger, kisser and snuggler…and he’s not shy about spreading the love around!

He has made our hearts fuller and our lives richer! We love the crazy little dude!

Big Versus Small

December 31, 2013

I got a big kick out of photographing Jaeger and Enye, mostly because, in my head, I was comparing them to my three rug rats! Jaeger and Enye are obviously quite a bit larger than Joey, Pebbles and Bruiser. But yet, their presence is so much quieter, softer and gentler. I’m sure there are times when they rough house and play and even bark, but during their session, it was almost like quiet time.

Their Mom spoke in a quiet, yet firm voice. They lightly walked around the studio, and at times Enye even had a little prance to her step. There was exploring and sniffing, but all done at a reasonable speed. They came up and checked me out, but no pushing, no shoving. A few kisses to the hand and then they moved on.

My three, they bark! They come running into a room full speed, announcing their presence! They do everything they can to make sure you notice them and pay attention to them. It’s a completely different world!

Holiday Blessings to You!

December 26, 2013

Although we are excited for our new adventure to Phoenix, we will miss our home, the beautiful fall colors and, most of all, each of you! We will forever cherish and hold dear all the memories that we have created here on The Ranch. Thank you for helping to make our lives full of love and laughter!

Brandi, Pete, Joey, Pebbles and Bruiser

A Little Teasing

November 7, 2013

Cooper arrived at his session a little unsure, but as soon as we broke out the treats, he was ready to stand at attention. Okay, maybe not! There’s not much of a stay bone in Cooper’s body! He loved the treats and would follow them wherever they went, but there wasn’t much standing at attention. It was more of a “catch me if you can” philosophy.

With a little help from Mommy, we would get Cooper into place and then, with certain words, I could get him to look right at the camera. So, yes, that’s where the teasing came into place. “Coopie, go for a ride.” “Cooper, want a treat.” “Coopie, go for a puppy walk.” Cooper would flip that head right at me and stare me down!

Of course, it wasn’t until we mentioned the word “Jeff” (ie. Daddy) that Cooper got upset about the teasing. It was all fun and games until we hinted that Daddy might be here, and he wasn’t!

Sorry for the teasing, Coopie…but it paid off…and you got quite a few treats in exchange!

Stay Classy!

October 30, 2013

Bruiser, Pebbles and Joey are saying no to zombies and vampires. Instead, they are bringing style and class back into Halloween! Hope your Halloween is full of pizzazz!

Something Different

October 8, 2013

Although I have photographed the horses that live next door, and many years ago I did a bridal portrait session that included a horse, this was my first time doing a session with just horses. It was definitely a new and challenging experience!

Meet OG, a 17 year old mare, and Mickey, a 4 year old gelding. Their Mom and Dad spend lots of time riding around the 300 acre trails of the Saddle & Sirloin Club of KC. With all the trail rides and time spent together, OG and Mickey definitely have a bond. It was very cool to hear them neigh for each other when they got too far apart, or talk to each other when they got closer together.

It’s quite apparent that OG & Mickey’s parents care deeply for them. I’m glad I had the opportunity to capture their beauty and their personalities!

Four Legged Success

October 2, 2013

This is the fourth time that I have photographed the four legged baby of the family…Kate! However, this was the first time we went outside…and it was by far our most successful session with Miss Kate thus far!

Kate is a sweet pup, but she has a big body that she swings around with wild abandonment. I think, when we were in the studio, we were always afraid of what she might take out in one of her romps around the room, so we kept a tighter leash on her.

Outside, she was able to romp and play as much as she wanted. So she’d hold a sit for a minute, long enough for me to capture a couple of images, and then she’d take off at a run…chasing moths and flies and anything that caught her eye. Then we’d start all over…back to her position with her two legged siblings.

I’m sure it would have been entertaining to watch, but the main thing…it was a successful Kate session!

We Wore Them Out

September 25, 2013

By the time we called wrap on Karma and Kismet’s session, they were exhausted and done! They had smiled, sat, laid down, tilted their heads, perked their ears, given Mommy kisses, heard my squeaky noise a million times and drooled for treats. They were officially worn out!

Karma was adorable at the end. He laid his head down on the ground and refused to lift it back up. He’d lift his eyes and his eyebrows at me, but I could tell he was saying, “No more please”.

Kismet, on the other hand, looked like she was going to fall asleep sitting up. Her eyelids kept getting that heavy, half-closed look and she just stared at me. She didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to charm the camera, but she was also just exhausted!

It was worth every minute that led to two very tired pups!

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