The Ladies

April 4, 2013

Even though I only spent a short time with Charlie, I have a feeling that he is a ladies’ man!

We talked about lots of things, from school to work to the snow. I learned that he works at Culvers and Chick-fil-A. That Chick-fil-A has the better fries, but Culvers has the ice cream with Oreo toppings. I heard about his adventures sledding in the snow…sounded pretty scary to me. I know who his favorite teacher is and that he’ll be turning eighteen this summer. He’s a huge KU fan, loves Jeff Whithey and even has a dog named Phog! When he graduates from high school next year he wants to get a job working at a movie theater…which makes sense to me, considering he’s a movie and musical lover! He even gets to play a starfish in his high school’s upcoming presentation of The Little Mermaid.

But…the moment when Charlie’s eyes lit up was the moment he starting talking about the ladies! He’s excited to start dating, and is definitely looking forward to prom. He claims that he likes fast dancing the best, but I’m pretty sure that answer was for his Mom’s benefit. Charlie is one lucky guy, he gets to go to two proms this year. He has a date for one, now he just has to find a date for the second one. Somehow, I don’t think he’ll have much trouble with that!

Siblings Forever

November 5, 2012

The first time I met Xander and Faith, Xander was 7 Months old and Faith was 7 Years old. It is so much fun to have them come back to me every year for annual sessions. The changes over the years have just been amazing!

There’s the obvious changes of size, growth of hair and overall maturing of features, but there’s the other changes as well…from developing personalities, to maturity and ability to follow directions.

But the biggest one of all has to be watching the growth of their relationship. While neither of them will be the first to admit that they love their sibling, the love is definitely there. Xander has the uncanny ability to make Faith laugh…whether she wants to or not. Faith is almost a second mother to Xander, and not just in the nagging, controlling way, but with a sweet and caring eye.

At the end of the day, I know that they will always have each other’s back…and each other’s love!

In the Blink

June 25, 2012

The last time I photographed this family, Carter was a little guy with very few words! Now he’s a big guy about to enter second grade, the girls have become teenagers doing competitive cheerleading and are almost about to drive!

It’s crazy to think about how much things change, when it feels like all you do is blink and years have passed! In my mind, I still saw this family as they were five years ago – young, wild and full of sass! In actuality, they are growing, mature, sweet as can be and, guess what…still a little wild and full of sass!

Even though I was ready to take the clippers to three heads of long beautiful hair by the time the session was done, I had a blast! Joking, laughing, smiling and fixing hair the entire time!

The Middle Kid

April 24, 2012

Jacob will be graduating from eighth grade in just about a month. Next step…high school! It’s the perfect reason to have his own portrait session. In years past, he’s had to share the spotlight with his brothers, but this year, it was all about him!

We spent lots of one on one time talking! We discussed his grades…eeek!…no, they’re good, no worries! Talked about all the sports he plays – soccer, basketball, volleyball and snowboarding…sheesh, makes me tired just thinking about it. His current and summer jobs – newspaper delivery boy and bike riding billboard sign puller…can’t say those were jobs I tried as a teen.

All in all, I had a blast getting to know Jacob! I’m wishing him a speedy end to middle school, a fun summer and an awesome start to high school.

Missing Steed

October 25, 2011

The only thing missing from this fun barn, hay, cowboy boots and denim session was a trusty steed! Although, with Miss Posing Faith and Mister Wild Man Xander, I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about controlling a crazy steed as well!

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining session! Awesome outfits, with some great boots! Perfect temperatures, crisp but warm. A small breeze with a few big gusts that we were able to wait out. A slightly overcast sunset, that kept me on my toes. A bunch on knock knock jokes that made no sense, whatsoever! Uncomfortable hay bales that poked and itched. AND a brother and sister that, despite their age difference and their personality differences, really do care about each other!

Squeezing It All In

June 21, 2011

It’s been a while since the R Family has had portraits created, so we took the opportunity to do a little bit of everything! Some family, some sibling love, even a little parental loving!

Then, I got to do my favorite, which was spending a little one on one time with each kiddo, capturing their personalities and their individualism!

It was a lengthy session, with a lot of smiling, laughing and joking, but I never once heard anyone complain. They were all awesome models…working the serious, to the smiley, to the crinkle nose, to the eyebrow moves!

Best Friends

June 11, 2011

To celebrate their graduation from eighth grade, and the fact that they will soon be moving on into high school, these four best friends, Faith, Becca, Sara & Ashley, came to see me for a session.

Though each unique, with their own quirks, hobbies, habits, personalities, and traits, these four came together in a very fun and solid way. As we were attempting to get photos of the four of them, I had a peek into the laughter and joy that comes out of this friendship. There was joking, pinching, laughing, mothering, disciplining, listening, laughing, poking, caring and most of all loving…and all of that was just between the four of them…I was just an observer!

Wherever this next stage of life takes these four girls, they will all be able to say their lives were shaped by knowing and loving each other!

For the Fun of It!

March 5, 2011

As a kid, how much fun would it be to pick out your own clothes, style your own hair, add on just the right accessories…and then top it off with your very own portrait session!

Coming up on Sunday, April 10th is our Bed Head Kids event, where all kiddos, ages three and older, will have the opportunity to do just that!

In anticipation of the upcoming event, Faith, Xander and I had a test run! Not only did we have fun during the session, but just looking at these images makes me smile!

This is completely representative of their personalities! Xander looked great, with his laid back sweatshirt, t-shirt and jeans (and don’t miss the KU pendant…a very important accessory)! Faith had fun with a sassy zebra dress, an adorable hair accessory and, of course, the “a little bit crazy” knee-high, converse boots!

No Teeth & New Teeth!

October 7, 2010

Xander has lost a mouthful of teeth! He smiles his big smile and I seriously have to take a double take, because there’s a few teeth here and there, but none of them match! I absolutely love this stage! I know it looks crazy, but it so marks the change from little kid to big kid, on their way to teenager! It’s that last chance for you to look wild and crazy, but yet not be self conscious!

On the complete other side of the spectrum, is Faith’s brand new, perfectly straight teeth! After a few years of braces, multiple visits to the orthodontist, some pain and a mouth of metal, this is the pay off! I think it was worth every penny! They just look so beautiful and they shine so bright!

The differences in this brother-sister duo’s smiles are enough to make me smile!

Another Year, More Changes!

July 23, 2010

These three boys have traveled down from Wisconsin the last three years to see me! They sure know how to make me feel special!

Of course, since they live so far away, that one time they come out for their session, is the one and only time I get to see them every year. I am always floored by how much they have grown and changed over the year!

Zach just keeps getting taller and taller! One of these days, I know he’s going to show up and be towering over me! Jacob is turning into a teenager right before my very eyes. There’s no more young kid left! Tyler, well, what can we say about him, except that this year he showed up with NO teeth! His entire top row of teeth all fell out at once!

It doesn’t matter how old they get, they are still awesome boys! Full of energy and non-stop in the moving and talking department. We have so much fun, laughing and smiling, that I barely even notice that I’m completely worn out by the time they leave!

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