Purple Fun

October 22, 2013

This was the first time Izzy, Abby & Gabe dressed in purple for their family portraits. Purple was chosen just because it was a fun and different color, but it just also happens to be the color of their favorite college team. Yes, that’s right, they are Wildcat fans!

Of course, they know that I am a KU graduate and very much a Jayhawk fan. That just meant we had lots of fun making up sayings to get everyone laughing and giggling! Comments about purple boogers and stinky Jayhawks…it was all for fun and definitely brought out our silly sides!

Unless one of the kiddos grows up and decides to go to KU, I’m pretty sure we’re always going to be on opposite sides of that rivalry!

Don’t Blink

October 23, 2012

I have had the honor of photographing Izzy, Abby and Gabe every fall since they were each born. The years just seem to fly by and before I know it, it’s family photo time again!

Every time I blink, they change. They went from just Izzy, to Izzy and Abby, to the addition of a baby boy, to toddlers, to little kids, to now school aged kids that I can actually have back and forth conversations with!

It seems crazy to think that now seven (almost eight) year old Izzy was a nine month old the first time we did a fall session. Now she’s lost nine teeth, has a stylish short bob haircut, and talks about doing crossword puzzles! Abby has outgrown her older sister, added cute glasses, has lost seven teeth and never stops talking! Gabe has grown into a handsome young man. He loves to laugh and joke around, and some how survives having two older sisters!

Their red and grey outfits reminded me of a session we did a few years ago where they all wore red and black. I thought it would be lots of fun to compare them now to back then, so I had to do the same walking away, look at me pose!

Silly Button

September 10, 2012

Abby has an awesome serious face and even a great smirky smile, but the true Abby comes out when she’s being silly and laughing! She has an amazing range of smiles from a scrunchy faced and eyes closed to big, open mouth, laughing smiles. Every one of them makes me smile and laugh right along with her.

However, as with most six year olds, Abby has found her fake, stiff smile. In an effort to get rid of the fake smile, I told her that she had a silly button, and when I pressed her silly button it turned on her silly side. Of course, where’s the perfect silly button? On the tip of the nose!

As with all kids, the tricks and silly things work for awhile, but then you must move on to the next trick. The silly button quickly dissolved in to craziness, but while it lasted it was perfect…real Abby smiles!

Love Times Three

November 7, 2011

Get these three siblings together and be prepared for a flurry of activity, non stop talking and a bit of craziness! The good thing is that the craziness comes from the honesty, true love of each other and a love for being together.

Even having them stand next to each other means chaos, but not because they’re pushing or shoving each other, but because they are literally smothering each other in hugs and kisses. At times, I really didn’t think they could get any closer.

Word Association

July 4, 2011

During Abby’s session, I referred to her as a silly goose. Out of that came the fact that I’m a silly goose, from there we started saying silly duck, and from there we ended up doing duck, duck, goose. Eventually, we transitioned into Abby saying a word, and me making the noise, so “duck” and “quack”. It quickly became a game of word association and we transitioned to food, then things outside and finally bodily functions. Thank goodness there wasn’t a psychologist evaluating the words we were coming up with!

Somewhere along the way, Abby came up with “moose”. She thought this was the funniest thing ever. I guess “moose” is kind of fun to say, especially when you really accentuate the “moo”. Of course, I have no idea what a moose says, so Abby just kept repeating “moose” over and over!

It definitely made for a laughing good time!

Abby and her American Girl Dolls wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!!

A Bed Head Success!

April 17, 2011

Our Bed Head Kids event turned out to be a perfect Sunday! The temperatures were nice and, even though there was a period of grey skies and some crazy wind, everyone made it into the studio safe, sound and dry!

We had a variety of participants…including a rock star, a soccer player, a monkey, a princess, and a even a fireman, just to name a few. Everyone was dressed in their best, with the necessary accessories, and even a little hair color dye!

It was fun to let them all be loose and goofy! I got roared at 100 times. I danced like a monkey. But best of all, I had fun! There were tons of laughs, smiles and fun kid poses!

I hope these images put smiles on your faces!

Super Soccer Star Grace

Madison the Rock Star (or Justin Bieber Fan!)

Silly Monkey Boy Dominic

Tough & Sassy Gal Sophia

Garrett the Jokester!

Izzy the Angel of the Rainbow

The Strong & Silent Fireman, Gabe

ROARRRR! It’s Matthew the Friendly Dragon!

Princess Abby is Ready for Her Wedding Day

For Reagan it’s All About the Accessories


Pink, Pink & More Pink for Princess Abby

Playing Games

October 26, 2010

When it comes to photographing kids, I find the thing that works the best for me is playing games with them. Mostly word games, but sometimes action games work as well.

With Izzy, Abby and Gabe, we started out by saying funny things, like “Brandi has stinky feet” or “Brandi has purple boogers”. They were cracking up at the ridiculous things I was making them say.

When we were standing and holding hands, they did what every kid wants to do…swing their arms! This is adorable…until hands ends up in front of your face, or you accidentally hurt your brother or you all fall over because you were swinging so hard. My secret weapon? We played the one, two, three, go and then a few seconds later, freeze!

It helps that I’ve been photographing these three kiddos since they were newborns and they know my antics very well…but they haven’t tired of them yet!!

What Do You Think?

July 6, 2010

Are they related?

Silly Girl!

July 6, 2010

From the moment Abby walked in the door she was cracking me up. She was super excited to tell me that she was four!!

Then the questions started…Abby: What’s behind the background? Me: The Wall…What’s behind the Wall, Outside…What’s behind Outside, The Sky…What’s behind the Sky, Clouds…What’s behind the clouds, The Sun…What’s behind the Sun, Stars…What’s behind the Starts, Planets…What’s behind the planets, The Galaxy…What’s a Galaxy?

As you can see this went on for quite a while! Abby was definitely trying to keep me on my toes!

Then she started in, out of the blue, saying something off the wall. We’re in the middle of her session, she looks like a beautiful princess in her tutu and princess tank, and she says “hot dog”, which she then proceeded to repeat fifty times! Fifteen minutes goes by and she starts in with “stinky feet”, cracking herself up the entire time.

Silly, silly girl!

Another Windy Day

November 11, 2009

I feel like all of my blog posts for sessions in October have said the exact same thing. The weather was icky and the wind was blowing us away! Unfortunately, I guess that’s just the way it is sometimes…sometimes you’re lucky with the weather and sometimes you just have to work with what you have!

We were able to sort of tuck ourselves away in between the trees where the wind wasn’t too crazy. Of course, that didn’t mean that the kids weren’t too crazy!

Izzy, Abby and Gabe spent most of October passing around the sickies. So even though Gabe wasn’t feeling 100%, we just had to go for it. The chance of us catching all three of them healthy, and a beautiful fall day all at the same time, was slim to none!

Despite Gabe being a bit restless, and needing some loving every so often, the three of them hung in there for as long as their energetic little selves would allow!

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