September 6, 2011

Addie was scheduled to come in last week for her four year session. However, a couple of days before her session, she was playing school in her playroom, and came across a pair of kid scissors. Her four year old mind decided that giving herself a haircut was a good idea.

Basically, any hair that she could reach, which included her bangs, the front pieces that framed her face and as far back as she could reach on the sides, received a trim.

Her almost shoulder length hair was reduced to a messy ball of hair!

Mommy took Addie to a real hair stylist in an attempt to salvage what was left. The stylist did her best, and Addie now has a short boyish bob. I talked Mommy into a quick mini session, but Addie’s real four year old session has been delayed until December (when the stylist felt like Addie’s hair would be looking more Addie like)!

A Surprise

June 23, 2011

This blog posting has been a long time coming! Daddy is a steadfast KState fan, so what better way to surprise him then with some photos of his precious girls wearing purple!

The girls had a blast with their Wildcat and KState chants! Though we never did figure out what a Wildcat says. Does it roar or meow? Addie said my roar sounded like a monster, so we thought that probably wasn’t right, and my kitty cat sounds like a baby, so that’s probably not right, either!

Now that Daddy has received his surprise, I can share these adorable images with everyone!


October 6, 2010

Addie started out the session all shy and sweet. She’d talk to me, but it was in a very soft, quiet, reserved voice. She’d give me adorable, sweet smiles, but I could tell she was holding back.

Luckily, big sister, Avery was in the next room. I had Avery join me and, before I knew it, they were bantering back and forth. All of a sudden, that sweet Addie turned into ornery Addie! She was making faces, sticking her tongue out, putting her back to the camera. All the while, laughing, giggling and smiling!

I can only imagine the trouble that the two of them could get into, if left on their own!

Set of Three

March 17, 2010

I love doing things in threes! It gives you that one main, central focus and then two additional complimentary pieces.

Our new Designer Triptych is made up of three Designer Canvas Wraps in my favorite wide, horizontal shape. They can be hung vertically on a narrow vertical wall or horizontal across the top of a door or window frame, a bed, crib or even above a kitchen table. They are the perfect size, just right for viewing easily from across the room.


September 25, 2009

Addie may only be two, but you can already tell she’s going to have a big heart! She was a little bit reserved at the beginning, but after a while she relaxed and started talking to me. She spoke in a very soft voice, almost a whisper. We talked about her family and what they were all doing. She was very concerned about the doggies in the necklace that I wear. She wanted to know their names, and continued to come up to me and point at both of them during the session. At the end of session, not only did I get a high five, I got a big hug from sweet Addie!

Beautiful Night!

August 3, 2009

We never would have guessed, when we scheduled their mid July family session, that the temperatures would have been in the high seventies! We got LUCKY! It was a gorgeous night – perfect temps, a slight breeze, green grass, setting sun! The icing on the cake was the perfectly coordinated outfits and the cheerful attitudes of everyone!

It’s Rough Being the Big Sis

December 30, 2008

Being four-years-old, and having an 18-month sister, means a lot falls on your shoulders. Miss Avery felt the brunt of it, as we tried to photograph the girls together. Baby sister, Addie, had her own plans in mind, forcing Avery to have to scoot closer, lean in, talk to Addie, hold still, etc!

Then there was Avery’s hair that kept falling in her face. Between Mommy and I, we probably said “hair” or “flip” about 100 times! It was all topped off by the “itchy” sweater that Mommy made her wear.

Through it all, Avery was a trooper, and really stuck with it – giving us some great images!

Gimme Food!

September 3, 2008

Addison was having a bit of a hard time at her one year session. She was very clingy to mommy and had a couple of back teeth coming in, so there was a need for a lot of chewing and fingers in the mouth.

Mommy thought she could give her a swig of milk and she’d be good to go. Addison thought differently, and she drank the entire 10 ounces of milk while mommy and I stood by and watched. After every single drop was gone, she was ready to smile!

Then, I brought out the birthday cake, and she was happy as could be. She got SO excited as she filled her fist full of frosting and shoved it in her mouth.

There’s definitely no lack of eating with Addison!

Tutu Love

February 28, 2008

To the surprise of Addison’s parents, she was very serious the morning of her session. It took lots of work and lots of faces to get big gummy smiles out of Addison. Smiles are good, but those serious looks with her big blue eyes – love them – and that big puffy tutu surrounding her, just adorable!


September 5, 2007

Sleeping angel! Addison could not have been more perfect for her newborn session. Even though it was time to eat, she was peaceful and quiet during her entire session. We maybe heard a peep or two out of her, but with a little rocking she was quickly back to sleep.