Have a Breeze

October 23, 2013

The weather in Kansas City is always so unpredictable! Who would have guessed that, in early October, the temperature would have been 85 degrees?!? Of course, this particular evening a cold front was blowing in…and boy was it blowing in. Easily 20 mph winds were bringing in temperatures in the 40s & 50s.

Luckily, we were able to find ourselves a little cove amongst the trees. It wasn’t completely wind free, but at least no one, including little Miss Allie, blew away. Instead, we had uber cheesy smiles, serious stares and giggles that filled the air.

It was definitely the perfect way to spend a warm, fall evening in October!

Through the Gloom

May 22, 2013

Another icky spring day was made bright by three little smiling, happy faces! Luckily, we had not planned on doing an outdoor session, because there was no way the gloomy, rainy, cold day would have made that possible. Inside, the heater was running and the lights were burning, but the true glow came from the happy smiles, silly faces and giggles that came from these three!

With siblings, the favorite part of the session tends to be the individual part, because that’s when they get to have the spotlight all to themselves. Most siblings tolerate the together photos, but just because they have to. These three can’t get enough of each other! They love snuggling with each other! Abby and Matthew, the older two, love to dote on little Allie…they can’t get enough of her. While she has her moments of “leave me alone”, she’s surprisingly very patient and puts up with quite a bit!

I’m sure there are moments where they wrestle, argue and bicker like all siblings, but in front of my camera it’s lots of loving, snuggling and happy times! My wish for them is that they will keep that strong bond throughout the years!

Three Very Busy Bodies

October 24, 2012

Take three kiddos with different personalities, add in the fact that all three will smile and cooperate when given different parameters and different topics to smile about and what do you get…a bit of chaos!!

Allie started off the session with stranger anxiety, but slowly warmed up with a game of peek-a-boo. However, to keep Allie’s attention, and to keep her happy, we needed to keep up the game of peek-a-boo, or break into a badly tuned version of patty cake!

Matthew started off the session stiff and unrealistic. It takes goofiness and “don’t you smile” to get awesome expressions and relaxed body positions out of him. Of course, then he becomes too relaxed and is plopped out on the floor and spinning his body from right to left.

Abby started off the session with a closed mouth, stiff smile and slouchy posture. For Abby it takes having a back and forth conversation and asking her questions to get the true Abby smiles.

So now, imagine all three of these happening at the same time, and yes, you can only begin to imagine the chaos…but somehow we always manage to make it work!

One Year Old

June 22, 2012

It’s official! Allie Bug has turned a year old! It’s seems like she was just in the studio for her newborn session, but yet somehow a year has past. She’s grown into a little lady, full of happiness and smiles. She now has teeth. She climbs and cruises around furniture. She laughs and claps. She can wave hi and bye. She plays with toys and loves her big brother and sister.

AND, don’t let her peanut size fool you…she can shove cake in her mouth faster than any one year old I’ve seen in a long time!

It’s been a fun year, watching you grow and change Miss Allie…I can’t wait to see the little lady you turn into!

Loving Siblings

June 7, 2012

Being big sister and big brother has its ups and downs. It’s fun when your little sister wants to cuddle with you. It’s amazing when your little sister just stares adoringly at you, impressed by anything you do.

But, it’s challenging when little sister doesn’t feel well and all you want to do is comfort her, but really all she wants is to be left alone.

Abby and Matthew had to experience this challenge at their most recent session. Little Allie Bug was not feeling well, and she really just wanted to be left alone. But, when Allie was sad and crying, it took everything in Abby and Matthew not to reach out and rub her head or her back.

Through some creative moves, we were able to get all three of them in a photo. However, it was definitely not what big siblings Abby and Matthew were hoping for. They really wanted a photo of them loving on, cuddling and, more than likely, squishing Allie…maybe next time!


May 8, 2012

Allie’s newest talent, that she showed off for me, was her squeal! Anytime she got really excited, she would bust out with a great squeal!

Big brother, Matthew, came to Allie’s session as a helper and made the perfect assistant for coaxing out the squeal. He played a great game of peek-a-boo with her. Anytime he’d poke his head up he’d yell peek-a-boo, and she’d squeal right back at a similar volume. It would have been quite the sound track for anyone listening!


March 28, 2012

It took Allie a little while to warm up for her nine month session, but once she had relaxed and became comfortable, she was off and crawling! She’d flash me a little ornery grin, right before she turned away and crawled away from me.

She’s definitely picking up some tips and tricks from her two older siblings!

Secret Weapon

February 23, 2012

Teddy strikes again! Over the years, I have kept a couple of Beanie Buddy Teddy Bears tucked into my cabinet, pulling them out when my subject needs a reason to smile.

Allie’s Mommy remembered this, and while Allie was giving me the oh so serious “it’s you again” stare, Mommy grabbed Teddy. After a few quick kisses from Teddy, Allie was grinning from ear to ear!

She thought Teddy was the coolest thing ever, and by default so was I!

Thanks, Teddy, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Little Peanut

February 13, 2012

Ally may not be able to crawl yet, but put her on her belly and she can turn circles. With just a little push, she can turn herself all the way around, and boy does she think she’s pretty cool when she does this.

I’m pretty sure this watchful eye comes from having two older siblings that she just adores. For now, she can keep her eyes on them, but pretty soon, I’d be willing to bet, she’ll be figuring out ways to keep up with them!

Even though I have been photographing Allie since she was a newborn, for some reason she picked this session to be mesmerized and stunned into silence by my camera.

It was actually quite hysterical and I will not lie, it was easy to make very entertaining. If I had my camera raised up, she would follow it with her eyes everywhere it went. She would stare with total intensity, evidently convinced that the big black blob in front of my face was going to do something. If I lifted the camera to the right, her gaze would turn to the right. If I lifted the camera up in the air, she would look up. It didn’t matter where the camera went, her eyes followed.

During the entire session I felt like she wanted to talk and say something, but she kept quiet, just staring at the camera!

Despite the fact that Allie is a great eater, and that she’s reaching milestones on track or even earlier than normal, she is the tiniest little lady. This tutu, that fits most of my six to seven month old babies, could have held two baby Allies. We had to do some creative cinching, which of course just added to the tutu fullness.

Now that she’s started to army crawl, I don’t think this little lady is ever going to put on extra pounds. She’s sure to burn it off as soon as she’s consumed it!

Smothering With Love

November 4, 2011

If it was up to big sister and big brother, they would be holding, helping, touching, kissing…basically smothering little sister Allison with their love, every minute of every day! They are definitely in love with their little peanut sister!

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