Miss Smiles

September 17, 2012

Amanda is a smiler! Without saying a word to her, all I had to do was look her direction and she’d bust out her adorable smile! She has a great natural smile, but my favorite smile of hers is the one that comes out when she’s giggling! During our time together, I found a few key words and phrases that would make her giggle, so anytime I felt her smile getting tired or forced, I used those key words to my advantage!

The crazy thing for me was what I saw in her serious expressions. Two years ago I had photographed Amanda’s sister and, although they look similar and are definitely sisters, I had never viewed them as identical.

Until one of Amanda’s serious expressions caught me just right…it was like looking at her big sister! It was eerie! Throughout Amanda’s sessions there were many times when Amanda was definitely Amanda and no one else, but there were also times when I saw big sister Meredith in Amanda!