Following Brother

February 9, 2012

Quinn and Annika are two very busy little people.

First, you have Quinn, who is a three year old speed demon. He has energy oozing from his pores. If he wasn’t moving a mile a minute, he was talking a mile a minute. I would ask him to do something and he would do it and then say, “Like this?” and as soon as I said yes, he would move on to the next thing. He didn’t quite understand the “Yes, that’s how I want you know hold still concept.” It was, “Look, I’m doing what you want, aren’t I awesome? Okay, now what?!?”

Then, we have little 18 month old Annika who is obviously trying to keep up with her brother. Wherever brother went, she was quick to follow. Whatever brother did, she was quick to do. Climbing on chairs and jumping off, sure why not! (I’m sure she learned that one from brother.)

Mommy, Daddy and I were all a bit exhausted by the end of this session. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy were glad that they could strap the kiddos into non-moving car seats for the drive home!

Crawling Away

July 22, 2011

Usually I love to put crawling baby girls in dresses, because the flowing skirt completely slows down the process of crawling. Their knees get stuck, their forward movement gets delayed and sometimes they get frustrated, but overall it’s great for slowing down a speed demon crawler.

Annika, not so much! Mommy obviously dresses Annika in dresses quite frequently, because Annika knows exactly how to work around the skirt. The problem was her solution was completely unphotographic. Annika does a bear crawl…legs straight, moving with her feet not her knees…and head, well it’s straight down, ready to barrel through any obstacles in her way.

We definitely had to find other methods of keeping Annika from crawling away!

The Many Faces of A

March 17, 2011

For the second session in a row, Annika pulled out a multitude of faces just for the camera!

Annika is not satisfied with just a smile, she has to show you all the things she can do with her lips and mouth. From the old man face, to the smirky face, to the pucker face…she showed them all to us…working the camera the whole time!

She had me laughing the entire session! If she wasn’t making a silly expression, then she was drooling like she was a leaky faucet. Every time Mommy would hold her up in the air, Mommy would get covered in drool! It was an afternoon of entertainment, for sure!

Flying Baby

December 13, 2010

Mommy definitely got her workout at Annika’s four month session!

Annika was a little tired and much more interested in studying her toes than she was in looking at the camera, and smiling was definitely out of the question.

We tried lots of things to get Annika’s attention, but it wasn’t until Mommy started holding Annika up in the air that she started talking and getting excited. Mommy got in quite a few shoulder presses while holding the round faced “little” Annika up, and was definitely feeling the burn! But it was all worth it when you see those adorable expressions!

Girly Cry

July 25, 2010

I didn’t get to hear it very often, because Annika was definitely working her inner model at her session, but the few times I heard her cry, I just cracked up! Miss Annika has this great girly cry! It’s on the squeaky side and makes you think of a little girl crying just enough to get her Daddy to give her what she wants! Which is exactly where I think she’s going! As the first girl of the family, she’s going to have Daddy wrapped around her finger before he knows it!

In Came The Storm!

July 24, 2010

The very first look Quinn gave me was an adorable, coy little smile. I should have known that he had the tools to reel me in! Those curls, his big eyes, that smile and even the missing front tooth are enough to make you melt.

At just 18 months old, Quinn really was a rock star at baby’s maternity session. He struck poses, smiled his big grin and even interacted with Mommy’s belly a little.

But, when I turned my back on him to get some images of just Mommy and Daddy, he had the opportunity to go through all my bins! He was very interested in everything, so everything got pulled out! When I looked back, it looked like a tornado had gone through the studio. There were brushes, hairspray, CDs, baby power and wipes everywhere! My favorite part is the expression he gives. It just says, “What?! I was curious!”