Too Much Fun

October 9, 2013

It was a perfect fall night…well maybe a little warm for fall, but you’ll never hear me complain about the warmth. We had pretty greens and yellows, a big setting sun and not a bit of wind blowing. The bugs were chirping and the train was chugging…which for little boys is PERFECT!

Ashton and Jayden were total rock stars! Working their smiles, their super cheeses, their serious looks and their giggles…all for the camera! They were super sweet to each other…holding hands, giving hugs and Eskimo kisses.

I had way too much fun capturing their smiles and their giggles! I don’t think I could have asked for more from a couple of awesome dudes!

Going With the Flow

October 18, 2012

Before I start every session, I have a basic plan in my head for how I want the session to flow. From who I want to photograph first, to what position I’ll start them in and so on. However, being a children’s photographer, I learned a long time ago that what’s in my head and my best laid plans are very often no match for the will of a child!

That proved to be true for Ashton and Jayden’s session. Two year old Jayden had no intentions of making things easy for us. My goal of starting with brother photos was quickly thrown out the window when Jayden couldn’t be detached from his grip on Dad. So, we started with Ashton!

Ashton gets huge kudos from me! It’s so hard to be the big brother who listens and holds still, especially when little brother is not cooperating and getting extra attention and bribing, because he’s not cooperating. Ashton really held strong the entire session and worked hard for us…he was a total rock star!

We were eventually able to add Jayden in with Ashton, and then even move onto a few of Jayden by himself, before we had a Jayden melt down. Which meant we went back to Ashton, and so the session went back and forth, on the floor, standing, sitting, mixing it up…whatever works…that’s what we do!


October 6, 2011

There’s nothing like two boys to keep you on your toes! There’s something about the 16-18 Month age for these two brothers, that makes them think they are invincible!

Little Jayden may be small, but he is not afraid of anything. During his session, he ran and fell down; he tipped over the bench while he was sitting in it and proceeded to get up and purposely try and tip it over again. He tried to climb over the chair back…head first! Luckily, despite many attempts to hurt himself, Jayden walked out scratch and boo-boo free!

Jayden’s actions took me right back to two years ago, when big brother Ashton was 18 months old and he was running around like a crazy man. Throwing himself over chairs and falling off benches. Now that Ashton is three and a half, he’s slowed down a little! That doesn’t mean he’s not independent, and full of his own ideas, but at least we didn’t have to worry about him doing serious damage!


November 3, 2010

What do you get when you combine a non stop two and a half year old and a six month old with reflux? An exhausted Mommy and Daddy!

It didn’t help that, the day before, Ashton wasn’t feeling well. Which meant he spent the night before the session sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Unfortunately, this meant Mommy got more or less kicked out of bed by the little man!

During the session, the two boys schedules could not have been more opposite. Ashton was ready to cooperate, and Jayden was hungry. When Jayden had a full belly, and was ready to give it a go, Ashton was done participating. All in all, I think Mommy and Daddy were ready for a nap when it was all over!

They Change SO Fast

October 21, 2009

The last time I photographed Ashton, he was about four months old. He had just a hint of dark hair, and a round little face with big blue eyes. Now he’s got a full head of blonde hair, and chubby cheeks with the occasional double chin, but still those beautiful blue eyes.

Unlike last time, when he couldn’t move anywhere, Ashton was on the move constantly! As is typical with being 18 months, he was running and climbing and falling and squirming!

Daddy knows the secret tickle spot, and when Daddy would touch that spot, these adorable giggles and hilarious laughs would come flowing out of Ashton. His laughter is definitely contagious!

How can you not just crack up at his Klingon smile face!

Double Chin!

July 30, 2008

Ashton may only be four months old, but he’s got the double chin going! Between those big blue eyes, and that round head with the double chin, you can’t help but smile at him!

He was a drooling machine at his session. Every time we turned around he was needing a "wipe." Good thing everyone was wearing dark colors…it hides the drool!