A New Addition

September 19, 2013

The T Family has added a member since the last time I photographed them. She’s four legged and very beautiful! Of course, she was also only about three months old at the time of their portrait session…and has plenty of growing left to do!

Her older sisters, Sandy & Rizzo, showed their stuff…staring right at the camera, working their angles. I’m thinking any time those tiny tots can show the new big girl what’s what, they will do just that!

Poor Daddy, as if he wasn’t already outnumbered…just one more beautiful lady to love!

Back Together

November 19, 2012

This past year has been a tough one for Lily & Ava’s family. Their Daddy had to look elsewhere for work when the local jobs dried up, and elsewhere turned out to be over seas. Since January, Daddy has been in Afghanistan working to make a better life for his ladies back here at home. He’s been able to come home twice for two week periods…and one of those times I was blessed by his presence!

There were smiles all around from all four of them! Even the pups were happy to listen and “obey” Daddy. Little Miss Rizzo, couldn’t take her eyes off of him! I actually think this was the easiest session to get Daddy to smile at. He’ll usually flash me a few smiles, but I can see he’s always thinking, when is this going to be over? Not this time, he was all smiles and even flashed a few at that beautiful lady of his!

Down to Business

November 15, 2011

After a little running around, a few excitedly told stories, followed by a few high pitched barks, some hair and fur touch ups, these four ladies were ready to get down to business!

I love these ladies, because there is no messing around…they are all about staying focused and getting right to work.

The only real challenge is getting them to move beyond the forced smiles…something very characteristic of all kids their age.


November 16, 2010

Lily and Ava have always been a blast to photograph! They’re always excited to see me, and full of smiles and adorable expressions. This year, however, they seemed to have caught a case of the giggles! They could not stop laughing…and everything I said was extremely hilarious…which I know can not be true!

The best part is when you get Lily laughing really hard…she actually starts to snort! Sometimes, I wonder if she’s making it happen, but then sometimes, you can tell it just happened! This huge, loud, deep snort coming out of this adorable tiny girl…hilarious!

Steppin’ Up!

September 26, 2010

I first have to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk this past Saturday! For our second year of hosting our own team, I could not be more proud! We had a cool two dozen walk participations…that’s right, 24 awesome folks walked with the Photography by Brandi team to help us promote awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

Not only that, but as a team, between registration and donations, we raised $2,030…you rock team!

The day could not have started out more perfect! Blue skies, no wind, nice temperatures! Though, the clouds to the West seemed ominous, and everyone wondered if rain was on it’s way, we stayed nice and dry. The sun was in and out a little bit, but the wind stayed mild, with just a nice breeze to keep us cool.

There was ice cream to be eaten. Popsicles to be devoured. Hamburgers, brats, fruit and chips to fill up bellies! Rock walls were climbed. Bouncers were conquered. Success was seen at the bean bag toss, when it wasn’t being used as a lounger!?! Fun, smiles and laughing were in abundance!

Yes, that’s me with my Starbucks. Thank you Tracy!! That definitely helped with the 5 AM wake up…to be out the door by o’dark thirty!

During the one mile stroll around Arrowhead, Tanner kept our team moving! He held onto our banner and marched us straight ahead. Setting a great pace that kept even the adults moving!

Of course, about half way through, Tanner felt that he had successfully led his team to victory and it was time for a victory nap!

Lily made it the entire mile with only her two little feet and lots of adult encouragement!

Riah got to ride on Daddy’s shoulders more than once!

Baby Liam even joined in the walk! Though I think he had the best deal. He successfully slept through all the noise and excitement of the walk, while being carried by Mommy!

I could not have asked for a better day, a better group of people surrounding me or a better organization to be supporting! Thank you to everyone!!

Silly Girls

November 22, 2009

I have been Lily and Ava’s family photographer for years. Every fall, they come see me for their annual holiday portrait. Going a whole year in between sessions, means that when I do see them, I am just floored by how much they have grown and changed.

The one thing that has remained the same, and continues to remain the same, is their great personalities! They love to smile and laugh. I don’t think they’ve ever walked in the door being mad, sad or upset. They laugh at all my really bad jokes, and they just keep me smiling and laughing during the entire session!


November 20, 2008

Lily and Ava might be a year and a half apart in age, but you'd never mistake them as anything else except sisters! Which makes the fact that they are super sweet with each other even that much more special! Ava just adores Lily. Anything that Lily does, she's right there with her. If Lily starts jumping, Ava starts jumping. If Lily says something, Ava repeats it. They are just too cute…you can't help but smile at them!

Performing Like Pros

November 29, 2007

Ava & Lily walked in a little shy, but once mommy had done their hair to perfection, they were ready to smile! I had been prepared for a bit of turbulence, given their ages of almost 2 and 3, but they were complete professionals! They performed like models, giving just the right amount of smiles and following directions! It was too much fun!