A Surprise

June 23, 2011

This blog posting has been a long time coming! Daddy is a steadfast KState fan, so what better way to surprise him then with some photos of his precious girls wearing purple!

The girls had a blast with their Wildcat and KState chants! Though we never did figure out what a Wildcat says. Does it roar or meow? Addie said my roar sounded like a monster, so we thought that probably wasn’t right, and my kitty cat sounds like a baby, so that’s probably not right, either!

Now that Daddy has received his surprise, I can share these adorable images with everyone!

Priceless Quotes!

April 22, 2010

It takes Avery a little while to get warmed up, but, if I start asking questions, I usually get some pretty good answers!

Her favorite singer is Hannah Montana. Avery even owns a toy guitar that she can play Hannah Montana songs on! Her favorite animal is a zebra, because they’re black and white striped. Her favorite time of day is Saturday, because it’s stay at home day. Her favorite princess is Ariel, because she’s a mermaid.

My favorite quote of all… Here she is, Miss Avery, with her adorable bob and stylish outfit, hand on the hip, striking poses. I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer… You’ll never guess! “Maybe, a plumber.”

I love it! Miss Avery, I know some day you are going to conquer the world!

Beautiful Night!

August 3, 2009

We never would have guessed, when we scheduled their mid July family session, that the temperatures would have been in the high seventies! We got LUCKY! It was a gorgeous night – perfect temps, a slight breeze, green grass, setting sun! The icing on the cake was the perfectly coordinated outfits and the cheerful attitudes of everyone!

It’s Rough Being the Big Sis

December 30, 2008

Being four-years-old, and having an 18-month sister, means a lot falls on your shoulders. Miss Avery felt the brunt of it, as we tried to photograph the girls together. Baby sister, Addie, had her own plans in mind, forcing Avery to have to scoot closer, lean in, talk to Addie, hold still, etc!

Then there was Avery’s hair that kept falling in her face. Between Mommy and I, we probably said “hair” or “flip” about 100 times! It was all topped off by the “itchy” sweater that Mommy made her wear.

Through it all, Avery was a trooper, and really stuck with it – giving us some great images!

Sit Still?

January 13, 2008

No such thing! Avery twirled, pulled her dress up, danced, swayed…did everything except sit still! Boy I wish I could have half of that energy some days! She looked adorable, and gave me some great looks, but would only freeze long enough for me to capture a couple of images and then she was off again!