Not So Warm

February 15, 2013

Emily and Brady reside in Florida, so the fact that they came to visit me on a day when the temperature had started out at a whopping 3 degrees and maybe made it into the mid 20s was definitely a shock to the system.

Emily, with her sun touched skin, and Brady with his sun touched hair, definitely look like they belong on the beach! Even though I had the heater cranking away, all Emily wanted to do was tuck her toes back into her boots. Then we had Brady, who just can’t handle the bulkiness of a coat and would much rather be running around barefoot and shirtless! Luckily, they both survived the session and didn’t freeze to death!

We joked, we laughed, we said silly stuff and we even acted a bit silly!


Stories to Remember

March 27, 2012

A session with Emily and Brady is always full of great stories. Although, last year’s refusal to wear a shirt may be the one I remember forever.

This year’s stories started off with an extremely tired Emily. A day of travel, followed by some hard core cousin play, meant a very sleepy Emily. It took a while to wake her up, but once those eyes started to shimmer, she was her ever fun loving, sassy self! The kicker was when I told her that she could show me her gymnastics hand stand move…her eyes just lit up. I had found the way into her heart!

For Brady, the whole process was a bit of a game. He’s at that three year old stage where he really only wants to do something if he thinks it’s his idea or if he shouldn’t be doing it. So, a little reverse psychology had to be put into play when it came time to photograph Brady. Of course, a little bribery and being rewarded with a sucker…his choice, a brown sucker…never hurts! Well, and talking about “gross boy” things can get you a long way, too!

When You’re Two…

April 1, 2011

…you can get away with anything! Including going shirtless for your two year photos!

When we tried to change Brady into his big boy, blue polo shirt, he pulled out his two year old attitude and refused. We tried a little persuasion, a little bribing, nothing would work. In the end, we decided, it wasn’t worth it. He was looking cute with his beach blond shaggy hair and his, I live in Florida tan, so we just went with it!


April 24, 2010

Brady has this saying that sounds exactly like Sit DOWN. The down is even in a really deep note, held for a little bit longer. I’m sure that’s not what he’s saying, though it sounds exactly like it. Not to mention, I’m sure he hears it all the time! If there was a chair, a bench, or a stool, he wanted to stand on it. He didn’t care if Mommy and I said no, he was standing. But, he’d turn and look at us and say “Sit DOWN”. When I’d say it back to him, he’d just look at me and smile. He might be just a smidge over one year old, but I think he’s wise beyond his year!


October 8, 2009

It’s fun working with siblings and seeing how much they look like each other, or don’t look like each other. My sister and I are a perfect example. We don’t look anything alike. When you dissect our faces, you can see that there’s nothing we share, from the shape of our face to the shape of our eyes to even our smiles!

Emily & Brady have their differences, some of which are very obvious, but they also have their similarities! Emily is a tan, golden child. She’s always looked like she had a nice tan, but moving to Florida has just deepened that tan. Brady is a pale little man, white as can be! (Emily takes after her Daddy, whereas Brady takes after his Mommy) Of course, they both have those big, beautiful, expressive blue eyes! It will be fun to see how Brady changes over the years, and whether he grows up looking more or less like Emily.

One thing is for sure, Brady adores Emily! Emily can make Brady laugh like nothing else! She just jumps around, makes silly faces, shakes her booty…Brady’s arms start winding up, his tongue comes out and he giggles right at her!